Friday, October 15, 2010

Fast Dog & Inspire Jacket in the Rain

Two nights ago I was playing catch with our dog.  Inside.  We have a very looong apartment.  From the living room, I throw the tennis ball through the length of the room and to the far end of our kitchen (or beyond).  She runs to get it, and brings it back to her dog bed in the living room.  Sometimes I stand in between her and her bed so I can take the ball back from her.

This time, she ran into my leg!!  This might not be a big deal for most, but my dog is a retired racing pup who has reached speeds of 35.65 miles per hour in her 2 year racing career.  Over the course of 77 races, she ran at an average speed of 34.78 mph!  I'm sure she has slowed down in her older age... but still, she ran full speed into my leg!  All 60 lbs of her.  Ouch!

Ok, so maybe the bruise doesn't photograph very well.  It's much more blue than that in real life!  And it hurts to the touch.  Oww.  I'll move on.

Here's the most recent video I could find of the pup zipping around the in-laws' backyard:

That's not quite her fastest, but I couldn't easily find a clip of her running fast in a larger fenced in field we take her to. While she can run fast, this is what she usually prefers to do:

In other news, it was windy and rained here the last couple days, and yesterday I had a chance to wear my Run: Inspire Jacket in "the elements."  The raindrops beaded up quite nicely on the shell of the jacket.

Meanwhile, Molly sat on the back porch and watched the rain.

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