Sunday, August 1, 2010

Exercise Month in Review: July

Can't believe July is over and August is here already! Summer is going by fast. Here's my exercise month-in-review for July...

July 2: 6.22 mi run outside
July 3: 30.3 mi bike ride

July 5: 2.47 mi run outside, 30-minute abs class
July 6: 7.25 mi treadmill run
July 7: 45-minute spinning class
July 9: 5.5 mi run outside
July 11: 6.45 mi bike ride

July 12: 7.82 mi run outside
July 14: 1 mi treadmill run, 1-hour spinning class
July 16: 6.38 mi run outside
July 18: 8.19 mi run outside

July 20: 4.67 mi treadmill run
July 21: 1-hour spinning class
July 23: 3.81 mi run outside
July 25: 4.01 mi run outside

July 26: 1-hour spinning class, 30-minute abs class
July 27: 2.04 mi run outside
July 29: 5.55 mi run outside
July 30: 2.19 mi run outside

Daily dog walks, long dog walks, and 1.5 mile round trip walks to our garden plot are also sprinkled throughout, but not included as I don't wear my GPS watch for them.

I'm relying on my Garmin Connect software for the following totals:
  • 48.67 miles of outdoor running
  • 18.42 miles of treadmill running
  • (67.09 miles of total running)
  • 36.73 miles of bicycling
  • 4 spinning classes
  • 2 abs classes
21 hours 34 minutes and 39 seconds of physical activity for the month!

That's a 50% increase over last month (14h 0m 53s). It was a lot easier to make time for exercise (especially the classes) in July as I was off from work, but my weekly mileage has also been increasing as part of my half marathon training. On to week 10 of my plan (7 weeks to go!)

Is anyone reading this also preparing for an event?
Whether it be a walk, run, ride, or triathlon?

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