Friday, August 6, 2010

8 miles on the treadmill and a 2 mile easy run outside

I toughed it out on the treadmill yesterday for nearly 8 miles!!

Had to get new tires for my car early in the morning, then had an eye appointment so I didn't have time to run outside before it got hot. Once my dilated pupils returned to their normal state, I went to the gym in the afternoon.  I did a mile warm up, then 4x[1mile@9:41; .5mile@jog], then .85 mile cool down.  The reason for the .85 mile cool down is the gym was getting more crowded and at about .6 miles of my cool down, I realized all the treadmills were taken up and I had been on it for almost an hour and a half (half an hour limit when people are waiting), so I shared.

I listened to Black Eyed Peas on my mp3 Player; I chose not to use the fancy little built in TV.  I thought about stopping after my 3rd repeat thinking "that's probably good enough" but then that was followed by another thought: "you've done 3 of these, you can do one more!"  So I stuck it out.

I brought along my new little friends for longer runs: Clif Shot Bloks in Strawberry.  I had one at 3.5 miles, 5.4 miles, and 7.45 miles.  I picked up another couple packs of them at the store - I thought I'd try Cran Razz (no caffeine) and Strawberry (no caffeine).  I tried one Cran Razz before I left for the gym, and I'm not really a fan of that flavor.  Good thing I had the other half of the Strawberry package from my Tuesday 9 mile run.


This morning I did an easy 2 mile run before we are out of town for the weekend again.  I was supposed to run it slow at an 11:52 pace, but ran it at an 11:12 pace.  I thought I consciously tried to slow down too.  I wore my Wish Blue Cool Racerback and my White/Wish Blue Speed shorts from Lululemon (Item LW7526S)

As you can see, the white shorts are not see-through though, which I was concerned about before I bought them.  I wore the Cool Racerback inside out - you can see the fun stitching that changes colors along the armpits and neckline.  I'm happy to report that on a 2 mile run in 81 degree weather, these shorts do not show any sweat (they did on a longer run a couple weeks ago, it was not so flattering).


  1. I like those shorts! Are they the "speed" shorts by Lululemon?

  2. Nancy,
    Yes! They are the white/wish blue speed shorts from Lululemon. I got them at the beginning of July.


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