Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I've been MIA since last week because this past weekend my husband and I met up with a bunch of old friends at a friend's family cottage in the Finger Lakes.  Here was our view.  

Sadly I have not ran since Friday morning, but I can say that kicking and paddling yourself on an inflatable raft and hanging on to a tube for dear life while being pulled around the lake by a boat do use some muscle! 

Once we got home from the Finger Lakes, we had another friend come visit for a couple days.  It's been in the upper 90s again with overnight lows in the mid 70s.  Not at all desirable for running, or anything else for that matter.  However yesterday we gave our friend a tour of Philadelphia and we walked the whole thing.  We estimated it to be between 5 and 6 miles of walking.

Anyone know where this picture was taken from?

The day before yesterday, we went for a ~45 minute walk/easy hike through a nearby park in the afternoon.  I haven't been a total slug for the past 5 days.

Anyway...back to the training plan tomorrow morning.  The plan is a 7 mile run.  We are expecting some rain in this area and for temps to cool down into the 80s again.  That should make running outside a little easier.  

I have to stick with my plan as much as possible for the next week and a half because then we'll be going on vacation for almost a week.  I plan to switch around my training plan and make that week one of my rest weeks.  The hotel does have a treadmill, which I am planning on using at least twice while we are there, but I don't want to stress about it too much.  I'm looking forward to the vacation and relaxing for a little bit before the school year starts up again.

How do you handle exercising while on vacation or visiting family/friends?

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