Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Very Disorganized Post

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I'm very proud of myself; I've been good about exercising and sticking to my training plan this week.

Monday night I did an hour-long spin class, followed by a half hour abs class.  I wore my Lululemon Zoom Crops for the first time since buying them off of Loot a couple weeks ago.  They are solid black with some ruching on the sides and mesh behind the knee.  Me likey!  They didn't slip down at all during spin and I feel like they disguised sweat a little better than my Team Spirit crops I wore to spinning a couple weeks ago.  Both are luxtreme, so I'm not sure why one hid sweat better.  Anyway, it's important because I stayed for abs class afterwards and no one wants to look like they peed their pants while you are doing difficult ab exercises on the floor in front of mirrors with a room full of people.

This picture is kind of out of focus and I didn't realize how much back light there was, but you can at least see the length of the Zoom Crops.  They hit just below the knee.  Surprisingly shorter on me than they are on the model on the product page, and I'm only 5'2". But I like where they hit.

Bonk Breakers
Tuesday afternoon I swung by a cycling shop on the way home from a friend's so I could pick up some Bonk Breakers.  Have you had these before?  They are fantastic!  And not very easy to find.  So far I have tried PB and J, Almond Butter and Honey, and Peanut Butter and Banana.  There is also a Peanut Butter chocolate chip flavor, I think, but I haven't tried it.  You can read more about Bonk Breakers [here]. I also picked up some Clif Shot Bloks in a new flavor: Cola.  My verdict is that they are better than Cran-Razz but not as good as Strawberry.  I still need to try the Lemon-Lime at the recommendation of someone who commented on an earlier post of mine, but I haven't found that flavor yet.

Cola Shot Bloks
That evening I did a 2.04 mile Easy run in 89 degree weather.  I ran it at a pace about :40 faster than I was supposed to, and I thought I was taking it easy.  Apparently I'm finally getting used to this heat thing!  Or maybe I just wanted to get it over with faster, who knows.  I do remember thinking it felt cooler than 89 though.

Wednesday morning I did a 7.62 mile tempo run in low 70s temps - it was perfect!  The run should have actually been a little closer to 8 miles but I was running tight on time and as it was, had left myself only about 15 minutes to shower and get out the door, so I didn't want to cut it even closer by running the last .4 miles.

I wore my Lululemon "I Just Wanna Run" Tank in Wish Blue, that I love, and my White/Wish Blue Speed Shorts. 

I really like my longer runs because I get to run outside of the little neighborhood surrounding my apartment and through some really beautiful, less-developed areas.  That whole bigger loop at the top of the map goes between two neighboring parks and preserved open space.  These runs are so quiet and peaceful without the sounds of car traffic!  The only down side is, one of these roads is pretty narrow. I run on the opposite side of the road, but I also made sure to make eye contact with oncoming cars and give a wave when they gave me a little extra space.

Today should be an off day I guess, but I went for a little bike ride.  The weather was nice and I felt like I hadn't rode my bike in too long.  I waited for hubby to get home and we went on a 7.37 mi bike ride together.

Tomorrow I'll do another 2 mile easy run, and hopefully I will be trying out my new Fast Shorts for the first time.

Early Saturday at the crack of dawn, I'm off on vacation!  I will post about my trip when we get back.

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But before I end this really scatter-brained post, today I tried the other item I picked up at the cycling shop back on Tuesday: 
It's called FRS Liquid Concentrate.  It's described as a "healthy energy drink."  The guy at the cycling shop gave me a glass of the regular orange flavor, which wasn't bad, but I picked up the Peach Mango flavor which happens to be a Low Calorie version.

It is supposed to give you a little energy boost when consumed before exercise, and it has antioxidants.  It's made from various fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates and extracts.  There's also 35mg of caffeine in a serving.  I thought it could be a nice alternative to downing some kind of sports drink before a run. 

Who knows if any of this stuff works though.  But I guess even if you just think it's working, then it's still worth it.

You're supposed to add 2 ounces to 6 ounces of water.  I know I added more water than that.  Here's what it looks like:

FRS in a glass with ice.
With ~8 ounces of water
Nutrition info on bottle

The other side of the bottle
I like the Peach Mango flavor.  It's got a nice, but light, tropical fruity flavor and it's not too sweet.  As per the bottle, I have to refrigerate after opening and as the ingredients are natural, it should be consumed within a month of opening.  At 2 ounces per serving, there are 16 servings in this, so I guess I need to drink it 15x in the next month!

Do you have any "energy drinks" or products that you like to use?
I see that my half marathon will be supplying Gu in a couple flavors, but I have never tried it. 


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