Monday, August 2, 2010

Yummy Snack

Here's a snack I enjoy after a run or a bike ride:

Cottage cheese with some almonds and blueberries!

A serving of cottage cheese (I like the 1% milkfat small curd variety) is 1/2 cup and is 80 calories with 12g of protein. It's also on the salty side, which may be a deterrent to some - but I've tried the unsalted variety before, and I DO NOT recommend it. It was awful, in my opinion, and my husband who has been trying to eat a low salt diet (and has adapted to having less salt) agrees it is awful.

I like these Dry Roasted unsalted almonds I found at Trader Joe's. I can't remember what they cost, but I know it was a better cost per weight than the smaller package of almonds available at my usual grocery store.

1/4 cup of almonds has 170 calories, 4g of fiber, and 7g of protein.

...and blueberries are just good for you and delicious :)

What do you like to eat after a workout?


  1. That snack looks really good, I love blueberries and almonds. Not sure about the cottage cheese though, but I might try it. I prefer yogurt...

  2. Cottage cheese seems to be one of those foods people either really like or really don't like! I have a couple friends who can barely look at it.

    I like throwing some berries & almonds on to plain or vanilla yogurt too.


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