Monday, August 2, 2010

Circle Mesh Cool Racerback

Last week I got my Lululemon Cool Racerback *SE (Circle Mesh) tank in black in the mail.

Front and Back views of the Luluemon Cool Racerback *SE, W1715S

I ordered my usual size and found it a good fit. I had read that this style runs a little smaller than the regular Cool Racerback, however I find the regular version to fit a little on the big side. I was pleased with the fit. It is slim fitting in the top and at the bottom it just grazes over the top of my shorts. The neckline comes down a little low, same as how the regular ones fit me, so I'm just used to the top of my sports bra peeking out. It has solid black stitching (my regular CRBs have stitching that changes color on the inside). It also has the reflective lulu logo at the center back.

Here are the tags:

Check it out, this tank was actually made in Canada! (Not China, for once).

And here's a picture of the tank held up to the light, so you can see the circle mesh.

Based on this picture, you'd think this tank might be see-through, but surprisingly it isn't (in black anyway). This tank is also available in white, which I hear is more see-through. I wore a black sports bra under this tank for my 2.5 mile run this morning. I also checked to see what it looked like if I wore a lighter color bra underneath and you couldn't tell (maybe in direct sunlight you'd be able to tell you weren't wearing the same color bra underneath).

Before it came, I had visions of it looking like a fishnet top straight out of the 80s and that you'd be able to see any skin exposed underneath, kinda like this:

Luckily it's not like that at all :)
I'll have to take a picture of it being worn sometime before I go running and post it.

Overall, I like the tank and I'm happy I bought it. It's nice and lightweight for warmer weather runs or the gym too. I like that it has a slightly snugger fit compared with the regular CRB. I hope Lululemon decides to release the style in more colors besides black and white.

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