Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New: Naked Juice Coconut Water

Today I had a fabulous package waiting for me outside my door when I got home, and inside it was:

A glorious case of coconut water.

I have been on a quest to find my favorite coconut water ever since Zico changed their product (for the worse, in my opinion).  I have tried the new Zico, after being bought by Coca Cola (thumbs down, I'll have to post about that another time), and I have tried O.N.E. and Vita Coco (both inferior to Old Zico; better than New Zico).

O.N.E., 11.2 oz, is $1.69 at my grocery store.  (15c/oz)
Vita Coco, 17 oz, 2.49, $1.99 with my Shopper's Club Card. (11.7c/oz)
Why didn't I buy more of the Vita Coco???

It's tough to compare the two nutritionally because O.N.E. has an 11.2 ounce serving size, and the Vita Coco is two 8.5 ounce servings.  Still, O.N.E. has more sodium (60mg) per serving than the Vita Coco's 30mg.  Even taking into account the different serving sizes, O.N.E. has more sodium per ounce (5.36mg v. 3.53mg).  O.N.E. has 670mg potassium; Vita has 515mg.  I am finding I like the taste of the Vita better than the O.N.E.

I was perusing Amazon the other day, possibly prompted by an email from them, to check out current prices of coconut water and to see if Vita Coco was available for a good price.  I found that Amazon now carries coconut water by Naked (they make good bottled fruit/veggie smoothies).

They did have it, and at the time it was $20 for a case of 12-11.2 ounce tetra packs.  What's really annoying about Amazon is that their prices in the grocery department seem to fluctuate often!  I thought $20 was a good deal, but as I write this entry, I see the same case is now available for $18.  Oh well.

I ordered a case on the 8/13 (Friday) through Amazon's subscription program (Get 15% off + Free shipping) and it was shipped the same day by UPS.  It arrived today, only 2 business days later.  Ordering through the Subscribe & Save Program saved me 15% ($3) plus $10.83 in shipping (I probably wouldn't have ordered something this heavy online otherwise).  Check it out:

The good thing about the program is that you can cancel at any time.  I set this up for 1 delivery every 2 months, that way it will give me some time to try it out and decide if I like it or not, and leave me plenty of time to cancel if it's not so great.

Anyway, here's what the Naked Coconut Water looks like:

Naked's serving size is the same as O.N.E. so you can compare directly.
Naked has 20mg sodium, 650mg potassium - so a lot less sodium, and a little less potassium.

I must close with saying that NONE of these can compare to the coconut drink I had at a Vietnamese restaurant in Philadelphia last week (Pho Cali). 

It was soooo much sweeter than packaged coconut water and so delicious.  I wanted to get a second one to-go when we left, but I restrained myself.  I asked them if they added anything to make it sweeter and they told me all they do is crack open the coconut and drain the liquid, then add some of the coconut 'meat' to the glass.  It must have to do with ripeness or freshness of the coconut?  Anyway, I need to find some of that closer to where I live.  I can't drive into Philly for this all the time.

What are your thoughts on coconut water?  Do you like it? Do you have a favorite brand?

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  1. They did have it, and at the time it was $20 for a case of 12-11.2 ounce tetra packs. What's really annoying about Amazon is that their prices in the grocery department.... coconut water benefits


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