Thursday, July 29, 2010

Training Week in Review

Monday night I went to an hour long spinning class followed by a half hour abs class. The class included a couple sets of 'haybalers' (move 10 lb disc diagonally across your body), the Hundred (Pilates move), basic crunches, exercises with a stability ball, Russian twists; and four 1-minute planks scattered throughout.

Tuesday morning I did an easy 2 mile run, as per my training plan. It was nice and cool and I ran it at a faster that I was supposed to. My abs still hurt. Have you ever run when you're sore in the ribcage area? ow! I guess that means the abs class was effective.

Wednesday was a rest day (thought about going to spinning, but I was at a friend's pool in the afternoon then went to my husband's first softball play off game). Also justified not going to spinning as I was going to run 7 miles the next morning and thought I should save some energy for my legs. My abs still hurt. I did get in a little manual labor as I went in to work to empty out my desk and pack up all my office things and books (my office is being moved).

Thursday morning I woke up early with every intention of running 7 miles. I was sure to hydrate the previous night, I got plenty of sleep, and then I woke up to a downpour. My abs/torso were still a little tight!! But finally getting better. And it continued to rain buckets until after 10am. I'm ok running in light rain, especially when it's warm out, but this was crazy.

So when the rain stopped, I headed out at about 10:30. It was disgustingly humid. It was 81F with 82% humidity when I started. I was supposed to do a mile warm up, a 5 mile run at half-marathon pace, and a mile cool down. The first two miles went well but then it really started to heat up. Then it went from overcast to direct sun! It got so hot out. I was definitely running slower than I wanted to. And I was supposed to meet a friend for lunch half an hour away at 12:30. I ended up cutting my run short at 5.5 miles so I would have time to eat something, shower, and get to lunch on time.

I was really disappointed I didn't get to 7 miles, but that downpour really screwed things up for me. Guess I should have gone to the treadmill first thing (But I've posted before about how hard it is to stay on the treadmill for that long). Oh well... it's not the end of the world. If it counts for anything, I walked the dog in the morning, as I usually do, which was about a half a mile, and we walked to our garden plot and back tonight (1.5 miles round trip) to pick another batch of ripe veggies.

July 29 Batch of Ripe Veggies

Friday- Tomorrow's an early 2 mile easy run before we hit the road for some family stuff out of town.

Sunday- Should be my 9 mile distance run for the week, but we'll be in the car for our 8 hour return trip drive, so I'm guessing my 9 miles will be bumped to early Monday morning.

How do you handle weeks where you may not have trained as much/as well as you wanted to? Do you stress about it or is it not a big deal?

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