Thursday, August 25, 2011

Recap: HM5, Week 9 Training

Week 10 is almost over, so I better post about Week 9.

Plan Shplan:

13 mi 

5mi PRO 

10 mi 


What I did:

Monday 8/15 - Failed Long Run Postponed from Previous Weekend. 6.81 Easy Miles.

Tuesday 8/16 - Successful Long Run Postponed from Previous Weekend.  In the Rain. 13.07 miles, with 4 miles at HM pace. Average Pace of 10:38.  It's CRAZY that what was a PR for me in April is now just a training run!

Wednesday 8/17 - 6.93 mile Bike Ride

Thursday 8/18 - Fartlek: 1 Easy mile, 3 mi incl: [1 min Fast, 1 min Recovery], 1 Easy mile

 While only for a minute at a time, I'm proud of those 7's!

Friday 8/19 - 7.69 mile Bike Ride
2x each of the following. With 5lb weights where applicable (i.e. not pushups):
  • 5 "real" pushups on toes
  • 12 deadlift --> upright row
  • 12 lateral raise
  • 12 tricep kickbacks
  • 12 bicep curl --> shoulder press
+ 15 pushups on knees.

Saturday 8/20 - rest
Sunday 8/21 - rest

Total Miles Run: 24.95
Total Miles Biked: 14.62

I did another arms day earlier in the week but misplaced my little sticky note.  Luckily I think I'm the only one who cares about how many reps of each arm exercise I do.  Also, since the Fit Abs Challenge ended, I'm not doing stuff for my core daily, but maybe a couple times a week.

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The Plan

Since I'm totally behind on my training schedule by about a week, I'm revamping my schedule for the last month three weeks so I don't feel like I'm always playing catch up.  I'm just working on making it look pretty in Excel.

Here's where I check off the Target Runs that I have completed... Not too bad! What's most important, I think, is that I have been hitting the target paces for these runs.

Who has a race coming up?
For me: Only 24 days til the Philly RnR half!

How's your training going?


  1. Awesome week behind you! Only 24 days until your half--that's awesome!
    I think my next race will be a half in October, and then my full in November.

  2. Race comping up in two weeks (Sept 17th), my first half-marathon. :)


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