Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recap: HM5, Week 6 Training + Week 4 of Fit Abs

The Plan was:
6 PRO 
13 mi 


Can I even call this a training week??
My attempts at sticking to this schedule were pitiful.

Monday, 7/25: my 10 mile LONG run from the previous week's schedule.  10:12-11:23 pace, but mostly around an 11:00 pace.  =10.25 miles

Tuesday 7/26: drove for 1.5 hours, sat for 9.5 hours at conference.

 View of Atlantic City from the AC Expressway

Walked briefly on my lunch break, walked around the outlets at the end of the conference and got lost took an extended detour to the parking garage, before driving 1.5 hrs home.

 I could see the ocean from the lobby of my conference area!

 The sights on my lunch break

Drove home through blueberry fields! 
If your blueberries come from Hammonton, NJ, this is where they come from.

I did do arm stuff when I got home:
  • 8 real pushups
  • 2x8 pushups on knees
I consulted this Tone It Up video for some* of the combinations below.

with 5# weights
  • 3x12 bicep curl to shoulder press*
  • 3x12 front raises & lateral raises (hard toward end of 3rd set!)*
  • 2x12 tricep kickbacks
with 3# weight
  • 2x12 bent over row to rear fly (rear fly...really hard, so I switched to 3#)*
I was feeling it in my upper arms/shoulders the next morning!

Wednesday 7/27: Drove for 1.5 hours, sat for 8.5 hours at conference.  Walked around the outlets at the end of the day before driving 1.5 hrs home.

 Outlets conveniently placed right outside the casinos so you can spend all your winnings.

Thursday 7/28: 1 mi Easy/2 mi Fartlek including 6x[1 min fast, 1 min recovery], 1 mi Easy.  Another run from last week's schedule. (I'm a little behind here, see the trend?)  While only one minute bursts, I'm still proud of my faster times over very short distances.

Friday 7/29: 5.68 mile bike ride.

Saturday 7/30: 2 mile dog walk.  I didn't run because I thought we might go for a hike.  By the time we decided not to hike until Sunday, it was way too hot to run.

Sunday 7/31: 5 mile hike.

Followed by 45 minutes of Wii Sports.  I'm counting it because my right bicep hurt later that day from tennis, baseball, and bowling. Seriously.

Because we hiked Sunday, I ran my long run on Monday.  Wayyy behind schedule now.

Total Miles Run: 14.42
Total Miles Biked: 5.68
Total Miles Hiked: 5

Total Hours Spent on my Butt between Tuesday and Wednesday: 24 (!!!)

 Fit Abs Challenge -Week 4 Recap
(Fit Abs weeks run from Friday - Thursday)

July 22: 2 one minute planks, 30 crunches with legs out straight, 30 oblique crunches (reaching for the opposite knee), 30 crunches with knees to the left, 30 crunches with knees to the right, and 30 bicycle crunches. = 170 reps
July 24:  50 stability ball crunches = 50 reps
July 25: 1 minute plank (10), 60 vsit twist, 60 stability ball crunches = 130 reps
July 26: 30 stability ball crunches = 30 reps
July 27: 60 tucks, 10 bicycle crunches = 70 reps
July 28: 30 stab ball crunches, 60 v-sit twist w/5lb weight, 40 oblique crunches,  50 bicycle crunches  = 180 reps

630 reps for the week
2740 reps for Week 1 + Week 2 + Week 3 + Week 4


  1. Wow, they couldn't have sprung for a hotel room for you? That's rough. Not every week can be a winner. I'd call it a recovery week. Your fartleks were super fast though!

  2. Hehehe...fartleks.

    I agree with Alyssa, driving 3 hours round trip sounds awful and they should have gotten you a hotel room!

  3. I went to Atlantic City about 4 years ago. It was fun! I really enjoyed it. I've only been out to the east coast twice in my whole life, can you believe it!?

  4. I love your greyhound--such sweet furbabies!

    Sounds like you had the LONGEST day ever for that conference--geez!!!

    Training can be adaptable--as long as you are making an effort (and you totally are) you'll be good to go!! Some weeks are harder than others and thats ok!!


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