Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recap: HM5, Week 1 Training

Half Marathon 5, Week 1 Recap!

Mon 6/20: 2 mile easy run + arms
Tues 6/21: 1.8 mi easy run w/hubs
Wed 6/22: Rest
Thu 6/23: 1E/3F/1E = 4.08 mi + core
Fri 6/24: 10.19 mi bike, .4 mi run in Merrell Pace Gloves
Sat 6/25: 8.15 mi LONG run w/work friend (.45 mi at the end was cool down)
Sun 6/26: 5.5 mile hike w/hubs and dog (another post on that later)

Monday: What I did for my arms

From Tone It Up (see video here or printable version here)
  • Walking lunges with twist and bicep curl (3# in each hand) x 20; (5# in each hand) x 20
  • 3x10 Deadlift to upright row w/ 5# in each hand
From this Dr Oz site (sketches are helpful, even if the elf guy is a little creepy)
  • 3x10 each side - Lateral Raise 5#
  • 3x10 Shrug 5# in each hand
  • 2x10 each side - Tricep Kickbacks 5#
  • 2x10, each side - Bicep curls with 5#
  • 2x10 - Upright Row 10#
  • 2x10 - Shoulder press 10#
  • 2x10 - Overhead Tricep Extension 5# in each hand
  • Chest pushups* - 5 on toes; 25 on knees
    • *I even had my husband verify that my arms were bent at the proper angle so that they were REAL pushups. 

Thursday: Fartlek + Core 

The Fartlek.
1 mile warm up, 3 mi. of 5 x [2 minutes Fartlek, 2 minutes Recovery], 1 mi cool down

(confused because those middle miles did not add up to 3 miles)

Note to self: Use timed interval workout on Garmin next time! I have used the distance interval workout before; not sure why the time interval option did not occur to me.

It was really hot/humid. 78-80F with 85% humidity at 9am.
Running fast, even for short bursts, makes me look like this:

I'm bright red and glistening in all of my sweatiness. 

Like my headband?  It stayed put for my entire run.  Read more about it at the bottom of this post.

3x10 back extension on stability ball
3x20 crunches on stability ball
3x20 v-sit twist w/3lb dumbbell
50 regular crunches
50 bicycle crunches
35 second wall sit, 40 second wall sit

Saturday Long Run
 Not much to say except it started in the low 70s with 85% humidity at 8am. 
You can practically see the humidity.

Entrance to my beloved towpath 

The driver of this car seen parked at the towpath is hard core.  
The many stickers include Half Ironman. Ironman. JFK 50 Miler (which Kara will be running)
Moving Comfort Form Tank (Pic taken AFTER 8 miles of humidity, this tank is awesome!)
Black Slipless Headband from Bethanye 

(Bethanye's running a half marathon with Team In Training in September and is making non-slip headbands, customized to the size of your noggin, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Right now, she's 46% of her way to her $2500 goal!)


  1. Looks like a great week. Kudos to you for being able to pick up the pace at all in that humidity--yuck!

  2. Great run. That tank is awesome looking. That towpath looks like it would make for a beautiful run.

  3. Lol thats what i looked like after my run today! Love the support you are giving with the head band and what a gorgeous path :)

  4. Hi from a new follower and avid runner! Great run and I love my headbands!

    I'm hosting Fitness Friday blog hop beginning this week. I would love to have you join. Linking up is a great way to increase followers, readers and interest in your blog.

    Here are the details

    Life As I See It [FItness, Health and Happiness]


  5. Teamarcia & Penny - thanks!
    Penny- I'm lucky to have a lot of good running nearby! I can run to the towpath, but there are lots of places to park along the way if I want to see...a different part of canal.

    Travelbug and Rose - it's disgusting how sweaty I get in the humidity! I wonder what it's like to run where it's warm but not humid??

    Jill- thanks for reading! I'm following you through google now, but didn't get my act together in time to join the blog hop tomorrow and we're going out of town tomorrow morning - maybe next time!

  6. I'm not ashamed to admit that one of the most exciting parts of signing up for the JFK 50 miler is the thought of having that sticker on my car (minivan?) full of rowdy kids. People will think that I'm INSANE. :)


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