Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Friday night we drove up to NY to see my parents this weekend.

 Enjoying some fresh air in the rain while stopped in traffic.

Saturday morning we went to the city's Public Market, and ran into 3 people we went to school with!  Had coffee, ate an empanada.

Looked at produce:

Went to a yarn store and touched lots of yarn.  I want to pick up knitting again, but need to find the right project.

Molly ran around, chased some tennis balls, then enjoyed some lawn-time in my parents' backyard.

After dinner, we went and got some frozen custard.  Mmmm, vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. (Amazed I couldn't find a picture online of vanilla with rainbow sprinkles in a dish).

Then played Euchre.  I have not met anyone in NJ who knows how to play euchre!

 Bonus points if you can tell me what's weird about this picture.

Sunday we went out for breakfast at a favorite place where I had eggs benedict with tomato and avocado.  Of course it was awesome since it had avocado.

Then I sampled tons of olive oil and vinegar.

 (Picture from a store email)

After trying so many interesting kinds of balsamic vinegar (coconut, dark chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, honeyed ginger) and oils (squash seed oil, basil, lime, herbes de Provence, Tuscan garden).

I bought a bottle of the Tuscan Garden which is made with oregano, rosemary, sage, and garlic.  While there were so many crazy kinds, this seemed like a more versatile ones to have at home.  The chocolate was pretty good but I don't know how often I'd use it and it only came in big bottles.

Molly checked the forecast to see if the rain would let up for us to pack up the car:

 No signs of letting up.  

So we drove 6.5 hours home in the rain.  But not before swinging through the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru. 

 Molly requested a kibble latte, but they were all out.


  1. That oil sounds amazing! Mmmm anything with garlic is lovely
    Sounds like you had fun too bad about the rain and the fact they don't make lattes for dogs, total shame :o)

  2. Your dog is so adorable! I love the pictures of her rolling in the grass. Mine does that all time, especially the lush grass that grows near the septic tank (ewwww).

  3. I can't figure it out! What's weird about the picture?? It's taken outdoors? You're the only one with cards? The cards are in order? I give up!

  4. Awh, poor Molly, no kibble latte =(

    Aren't you suppose to have 5 cards per hand for Euchre? Oooh ooooh, is that the weird thing?

  5. It looks like a doll hand is holding your cards.?!

    Also, avocado makes anything delicious. I would eat it off a shoe.

  6. what is euchre? i have never heard of it before.

    why is the hand holding the cards so small? almost doll-like?!

  7. I hope that custard was from Abbotts! I'm heading home over labor day weekend and this post makes me super excited! I love euchre but no one here OR in NY knows it - seems to be a midwest thing? We always play in Ohio. I want to learn to knit so bad! I like the new blog header.

  8. Donna- she would have settled for a treat or a pet on the head too. She was making monkey noises while we were trying to place our order and while waiting for our drinks.

    Kara- thanks! I feel bad that we don't have a yard for her in NJ, she loves it so much!

    Run It My Way - nice guesses...
    Danielle- partial credit for demonstrating some knowledge of Euchre!
    Allison S & Kristy are closer.

    Alyssa- Definitely Abbotts!! I've heard euchre is a midwest thing. I got a little discouraged when a sweater I knit and loved shrunk last year even though I followed the care instructions for the yarn...then I made a bunch of baby blankets since my friends have been exploding with babies over the past year, and I haven't gotten back on track. Re: the header, I experimented with Google Web Fonts and impressed myself with my DIY technical abilities!

  9. Love the photos of Molly Waffles!!!


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