Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recap: HM5, Week 2 Training

A little overdue, but here was my plan for last week:

5 mi PRO 
10 mi   
mid  2P 

Monday - Tempo Run + Arms

Goal: 1 mile Easy, 2 miles Tempo @ 9:30-9:50, 1 mile Easy
Actual: 1 mile Easy, 2 miles Tempo @ 9:43, 9:06, 1.19 mile Easy = 4.19 miles

3 sets of 12, Deadlift to Upright row, 5# in each hand
3 sets of 12, Shoulder Press, 5# in each hand
2 sets of 12, Lunge with Right Leg in front, with Bicep Curl (both arms), 5# each
2 sets of 12, Lunge with Left Leg in front, with Bicep Curl (both arms), 5# each
3 sets of 12, Lateral Raise, 5# in each hand
2 sets of 12, Overhead Tricep Extension, 5#
8 Chest Pushups on Toes; 2 sets of 10 chest pushups on knees

Tuesday - 5 Mile Progression Run

Goal: Start easy, build to about race pace (9:50ish) in second to last mile, easy final mile.
Actual: 12:10, 11:33, 10:42...half a mile @10:01, took a .1 mile walk break, half a mile @ 9:17, Easy/Cool Down of 1.27 miles = 5.42 miles

The brief walk break killed me.  But I had a serious cramp under my left rib cage and had been sucking it up for the previous mile.  If I hadn't walked it out, I wouldn't have been able to do that last half mile faster at all.  And I apparently overcompensated for the walk break!

Wednesday - Skipped the Bike, did Core Only

50 sec plank, 55 sec plank, 60 sec plank on forearms
3x12 back extension on stability ball
2x25 stability ball crunches
3x25 v-sit twist w/5lb dumb bell
2x50 bicycle crunches

Molly helped me by sitting on the end of my mat:

Thursday - Long Run

Goal: 10 mile progression run with 2 pace miles (9:47-9:55ish) in the middle
Actual: 4.34 easy miles, 2 Pace miles @ 9:21, 9:44, 4.12 easy miles = 10.46 miles

Then I didn't run/bike/etc. over the weekend.  While there was a lot of driving and eating and drinking, I wasn't completely sedentary: I did get in some walking and did random crunch-type things while we were out of town for Brother-In-Law and fiancee's bachelor/bachelorette outings.

 Alyssa would love this place.

 Coconut macaroon martini!  
Banana cream pie in the background.

In Other News: July 1st started the Fit Abs Challenge - 3000 reps in 35 days!

100 reps (various crunches) for the #Fitabs challenge
8 hours in the car
~1-1.5 mile walk

110 ab reps: 60 bicycle crunches, 2 one minute planks, and 30 oblique crunches. 
~3 miles of walking

~2 mile walk after sitting in the car for 8 hours. Surprised my legs still worked.

Week 2 Running Total: 20.07 miles

In case you missed previous posts:


  1. Way to work out Amanda!
    I love the Molly photo, she is so adorable
    Seriously, its only 10:30am but i would give anything for that drink right now, mmm :o)
    So thank you TONS for linking me under your blog roll - is it possible to change it to the new site, i moved to wordpress! You are the best!!!! - you are definitely going to be on my blogroll, you are the one whos blog that motivated me to finally start my own!

  2. Those martini's look amazing. Yes, it's been 15 months since I have had alcohol. The good news is, when I get to have alcohol again, at least I will be a cheap date.


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