Sunday, August 7, 2011

Non-Running Happenings

Aside from all the running I've been doing or not doing, here are some things I've done over the last several weeks:
  • I turned twenty eight.
I like getting mail.

 Check out my cool new bar glasses.  This one's filled with Lemoncello* over ice :)

*this page lets you skip over where you have to enter your DOB to prove you're 21. 

I'm also looking forward to using some birthday gift cards including for Lands End Canvas, Macy's (yay, back-to-school shopping!), Running Warehouse (shh, that one's running-related) and Starbucks.
  • I met a friend's adorable puppy, Louie.
  •  I was horrified to learn that Wegmans changed their frosting recipe.
 Ok, ok, I haven't actually tried the new stuff yet, so I will withhold judgment for now.  
But the old stuff was perfect.  And let's be honest, no one eats butter cream frosting for it's nutrition.
  • I have watched my dog sleep in a variety of entertaining positions.

  •  I have frequented the Farmer's Market
     Did you even know there was such a thing as a purple bell pepper? I didn't.

    yellow peaches

    yep, there's even a new local Cheesecake bakery that comes to the market!
    • I have counteracted the Fit Blog Fit Abs Challenge with some Starbucks Ice Cream.  Why did they have to send me a birthday coupon?  For TWO pints??

    • I have found alternative uses for my headlamp.  
      • for example, when the light bulb goes out in the basement, and you don't have a spare, and you have a load of laundry waiting in the washer for you, but it's dark out, so there is no natural light coming through the window and you are afraid that the hobo living in the creepy basement will come after can wear your headlamp.  
      • I wouldn't recommend looking too close while you are in the basement, as there are lots of webs and bugs and the bright light only makes them look worse.

    Ok, I guess this is a little running related as the headlamp is running gear.  
    • Eating other baked goods besides the pecan turtle cheesecake slice shown above. 
    I have previously professed my love for these cupcakes. L: Caramel R: Mocha.
    The mocha butter cream frosting is my FAVORITE.

    It even comes in this cute little box when you only buy 2 (I usually buy 4. ha).
    • We ditched cable.
    Call us cheap.  
    Or, in the absence of new TV, we thought we'd catch up on movies and older TV series on Netflix Streaming.

    What non-running/cycling/fitness things have you been up to?


    1. Love this whole post!
      Starbucks has icecream? Love it!
      Had no idea about the purple pepper either, now i have to have one :o)

    2. That cheesecake looks amazing!! HAPPY 28!! I absolutely LOVE your dog!

    3. Happy Birthday! It's terrible that Starbucks would do that to you. Of course you had to eat it!

    4. The pictures of your dog are so funny! My dog can fall asleep in the most awkward positions and I can't help but wonder how he is comfortable. It's a dog thing I guess

    5. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy all the goodies!


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