Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recap: HM5, Week 5 Training + Week 3 of Fit Abs

Let me start by saying, I had written 90% of this post and through some act of clumsiness, I hit the right combination of keys to"undo" what I typed, twice, leaving me with a blank form.  I tried to exit out quickly before saving, but it was too late and the blank page had been auto-saved.  So frustrating!

Week 5 of half marathon training.


10 mi 


I am glad this was supposed to be an easier week, because it was a hot one (as I'm sure everyone experienced for themselves or read about on facebook/twitter/blogs).


7/18: 14.01 mi solo Bike Ride.  Easier to bike in hot weather than run.

 glamorous crooked helmet shot

Tried my first Honey Stinger waffle, I've heard a lot about them.  Tasted good...
but not really sure why they are worth eating while cycling, they seem to consist mostly of fat.

7/19: Arm stuff. 5 pound weight in each hand for all of the below (except pushup)--
  • 2x20 chest press on stability ball
  • 2x12 overhead tricep extension laying on stability ball
  • 2x8 push ups on toes
  • 2x12 lateral raise
  • 2x12 deadlift --> upright row
  • 2x12 bicep curl, each side
  • 2x12 shoulder press

7/20: 1 Easy/3 Tempo/1 Easy (run I didn't get in from previous week). 5.44 miles
Goal pace for tempo miles was ~9:30-9:50; my pace for those 3 miles was 9:25-9:51.

7/21: 5.22 mile easy run in 97% humidity. blech.

7/22: 4.48 mile easy run.  Overnight low had been around 80. It was 84 when I ran at 7am.

7/23: Does pool volleyball count for something?  I felt it in my calves the next day after bouncing around the pool on my toes.

7/24: 6.95 mile bike ride w/hubs

I postponed my long run for the week until Monday 7/25 when it was supposed to cool off more.

Total Miles Run: 15.14
Total Miles Biked: 20.96

In case you missed previous half marathon training posts: 
Week 4 Recap
Week 3 Recap

 Fit Abs Challenge -Week 3 Recap
(Fit Abs weeks run from Friday - Thursday)

July 15: 50 bicycle crunches, 40 oblique crunches, 30 v-sit twist w/5lb weight = 120 reps
July 16: 50 stability ball crunches, 1 minute plank, 20 insanity leg/ab reps (10 per side), 50 bicycle crunches = 130 reps
July 17: 50 oblique crunches, 50 regular crunches, 30 crunches with knees to the side (15 per side) = 130 reps
July 19: 75 stability ball crunches, 40 tucks = 115 reps
July 20: 50 stability ball crunches, 50 oblique crunches (reach for opposite knee), 60 v-sit twists with 5lbs & feet off the floor.  = 160 reps

730 reps for the week
2110 reps for Week 1 + Week 2 + Week 3


  1. That honey stinger waffle looks like a stroopwafel, and made me very hungry.

  2. So frustrating when you lose a post. Never tried those waffle thingies...actually never seen them...they look pretty weird! Good job fitting all the riding in with the running!

  3. Losing a post makes me want to throw a toddler style tantrum.

    It looks like you had a great week of workouts!

  4. Waffle looks good, been wanting to try it!


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