Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kale + Pineapple Smoothie

As I posted about a couple weeks ago, I have ventured into the world of green smoothies at last.

I recently tried a kale and pineapple smoothie at the recommendation of Heather.

 I didn't feel like doing the chopping, so I paid for convenience.

I realized I would need to add some coconut water so there was moisture for the immersion blender to be immersed in.

Just kidding, there's no beer in there, that's just a bottle waiting to be recycled.

Lots of green bits.

I added a plop (really specific amount, I know) of plain Greek yogurt to thicken it up after adding all that coconut water and after the pineapple got juicier, and to add some protein.

It wasn't bad! But I had a hard time getting the kale into tiny tiny pieces.  I had to consult a mirror afterwards so I didn't walk into a work meeting with green bits in my teeth.

a week and a half later...
Kale + Pineapple, Take II

This time, I removed the thicker, harder "vein" in the middle of the kale pieces, hoping that would help with the issue of the kale not getting blended well enough. I  think it helped.

I realized this arrangement wasn't going to work well.  After photographing, I took the kale out and blended the pineapple on its own with some coconut water.

 After I had a nice liquid to start with, I added the kale a little bit at a time.

Mostly the same as the first.  
-I did toss in maybe half a banana's worth of frozen banana chunks to change it up a bit and make the smoothie a little colder. 
-No greek yogurt this time. 
-Taking the "veins" of the kale out did help it blend easier.

I liked my second attempt much better, and would make it again!  Still weird to get over the drinking something bright yellow-y green, but not as weird as I expected it to be.


  1. Lol! I love green smoothies with spinach, kale not so much but i will try it occasionally!
    I just bought that container of coconut water to add to my smoothies this week too :)
    Glad you are finally on board with the smoothies - i have a bunch of recipes under my recipes tab!

  2. Interesting...I have yet to try the "green monster" so kale seems pretty darn exotic to me :)

    Do you drink coconut water after runs? I know some people that swear by it.

  3. I've found the best way to add the leafy greens is to blend it all up and then add fistfuls of it at a time.

  4. Kara- haha. If I remember correctly you are not a smoothie fan, period, right? Do you like kale in any form? I would say it's an acquired taste...the pineapple does help counteract the bitterness.

    Donna- i'll have to check out your recipes tab!

    Kristy- Spinach was a smoother first step into green smoothies. I do like coconut water on its own, but only if it's REALLY cold. I put it over ice. and I like some brands better than others. My husband and I think it helps the morning after having a little too much to drink, too :-p

    Green Girl- I agree! It didn't go so well for my first attempt, but a fistful at a time on the 2nd try was much better.

  5. This looks awesome! We use a lot of kale in our smoothies but we haven't tried them with pineapple yet. Will have to try.


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