Friday, October 7, 2011

Spin Fail

Thursday night I tried to spin.  Look how excited I was.

 Take 1 and Take 2.  
Both are included because of Molly Waffles lurking in the background.
Check out that downward dog.

But I got to the gym with over 10 minutes to spare before the class started only to find it was full.  I thought I'd be ok because last week the same class was only 2/3 full.  I incorrectly assumed the beginning-of-semester hype had worn off. 

I was disheartened.

I wear different shoes for running than I do for spinning, so I did not want to stick around at the gym to play on the treadmill.  And it was nice out, so if I as going to run it would be outside, not at the gym.  I drove home and saved up all my leg energy for Friday morning when I planned to get in a run before work.

Then because I was dressed in workout clothes for nothing, I took the above two thumbs-up pictures after I got home.  Tricky, I know.

Friday morning I was proud of myself for waking up shortly after 6:30 am to slowly begin getting ready for an hour-ish long run.  I laid everything out the night before and yet somehow it took me 20 minutes to leave.  I think I did hit snooze once though.  And I may still have been half asleep while trying to put my contacts in.

I ran 5 miles at an average pace of 10:45.  It started off at a comfortable pace, and when I emerged from the park my pace quickened by about :40/mile.  It wasn't quite the 6 I had hoped to get in, but I'll take it.  It's the longest I have run since the trail half on the 25th.

After work, Dan and I pumped up our bike tires after neglecting them for the past month.  We went for a quick almost-4 mile bike ride to make sure our bike muscles still worked.  It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend so I'm hoping we can go for a longer bike ride.

Now for an important question.  I'm going to buy another pair of running shoes soon.

I really liked my Asics GT 2150s that I wore this spring and summer.  I put 400 miles on them.  They have held up really well!  Over the summer I bought the slightly less supportive and slightly lower heeled Asics 1160.  There's nothing wrong with them, they've been an ok pair of shoes, and I ran my Philly half in them.  I don't think I ever reviewed them though.  They have about 200ish miles on them right now, so I will still wear them, but I wanted to get a more cushioned pair for my upcoming longer runs.

I'm 99% decided on returning to the next version of the 2150: the 2160.  I know color is not the most important factor in a running shoe.  But since I know this style works for me, I'm going to worry about color.  My last few pairs have been white + blue or white + pink which is kind of boring.

Check these out!

Grey + yellow is one of my favorite color combinations.  Unfortunately that's only for the trail shoe.  And while I run in parks, it's not the bulk of my running and my November half will be on roads.  So I guess I just wanted to give Asics some credit for a nice grey + yellow shoe.

The two colors I liked better on the road version are above.  Neither really matches my existing running "wardrobe" so that's not a consideration.

Which color combo do you prefer:
Grey + Green/Yellow   --Or--   Grey + Light Blue + Orange?

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Light Blue and Orange.

    That sucks about spinning. My old gym was like that, to get into the 6am class, you literally had to be there by 5:40 at the absolute latest. Nice job getting the miles in before work, though! I'm jealous - I want to do some biking, but with all these marathons coming up, I can't find a partner!

    Until this post, I had no idea downward dog was something dogs actually did. I thought the Yogis just made it up. Thanks for enlightening me this morning.

  2. Light blue and orange. I just bought teal colored mizuno wave riders. Finally, a fun color after 8 years of grey/white and blue. I was going to suggest them to you but they are more of the not-so-cushion side so I don't think that's what you are looking for.

  3. Alyssa- it's crazy that there are that many people ready to go for a 6am class!! For the first class or two of the semester I usually have to be there half an hour early, but interest drops off quickly.

    Anon- I've never tried Mizunos before. just looked them up; I like the pair you bought! I found a fun teal/green pair (Wave Elixir). I'm not sure if I can get away with neutral shoes, I've been getting stability shoes since I had a gait analysis over a year ago. (normal arches, mild overpronation)

    I'd actually be curious to know if my gait is still the same actually, after increasing my mileage so much over the past year.

  4. What about the 2160 black and reflective grey? It goes with everything!

  5. grey light blue and orange - always go for the fun colors!

  6. I love the Grey + Green/Yellow ones... probably because lime green is my favorite color! It's also kinda fun that they are a darker shoe.

  7. I like the grey/light blue/orange combination :) It may be worth having your gait analysed whilst you're at the shoe store just to check that your gait hasn't changed at all.

  8. light blue + orange

    I've seen this color combination in quite a few new shoes. . . it must be *the* new color combination.


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