Monday, October 3, 2011

For my friends with four-legged friends

I haven't figured out my training plan for the next 7 weeks yet, so in the meantime here is a post for my friends with four-legged friends.

Meet Molly Waffles:

Unfortunately we are lowly renters and do not have a yard.  When we go for walks, Molly Waffles has the luxury of either my husband or myself following her around and picking up her droppings with fun pastel-colored plastic baggies.  She's got quite the life.

These baggies used to be just under $5.00/36 at Target but as of Thursday they are now $6.24 (or $0.17/bag)

But wait, here's a fun discovery!

While shopping for one of my 397 friends who had babies this year, I came across these dog the baby section of Target.

 Baby bags on the left; Dog bags on the right

Oh look at that, they are IDENTICAL.  The difference?  The "Munchkin" bags are $4.09/36 bags (that's $0.11/bag).  That's right.  The bags are the exact same, yet when marketed to dog owners they cost $2.15 more per package compared with when marketed to baby owners.

So if you buy these fun little bags for your furry friend, get them in the baby section and save yourself some money.  Pretty awesome, I know.

Also, on a related note, while at Petco I learned that you can buy nail polish for your dog.  That's not really Molly's style, but if you have a fashionable dog - take note.

I bet this post blew your mind.

Time for me to go sulk about the weekend being over.  Mine consisted of a 3 mile run, a 6 mile hike, some serious apartment-cleaning, and baking banana bread.

How was your weekend?


  1. Way to find a deal. I know all my friends love their four legged babies, but I just can't get on board with a lifetime of picking up poop and carrying it in a plastic baggie. The dogs must make it worth it!

  2. I discovered the bag thing when I had kids. Crazy! And droppings? More like mountains of steamy stink! Lol!

  3. I use the plastic baggies from Giant. Price: free.

    I'm considering painting Peanut's toe nails now. That sounds like a fun activity for everyone :)

  4. I love your grey- pretty girl! My mother-in-law has greys so I am familiar with their eccentricities and outrageous sleeping positions. I buy bags for my favorite pooch at They claim to biodegrade and such which is why I use them. Rugby wants to make sure his prime output goes to good use! Haha.

    @ Alyssa- oooh, a good pooch is SO worth it. You'll never go back!

  5. Hi running on coffee!

    I bought dog baggies on eBay, around 3000 bags for $70. 0.026$ each. They had blue or pink and scented and unscented. I have been using them for a year and they are good quality.


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