Friday, October 21, 2011

Does reading about fast runners make you faster?

Apologies in advance, but there are not many pictures in the post...except for a couple of screen shots of my running splits.

So I put off Sunday's long run until Monday morning.  I had an appointment early in the morning which meant I had to take half a sick day from work.  So after my appointment I had a couple hours until I had to be at work- perfect for my long run. 

I ran this at a comfortable pace and tried not to stare at my watch, taking a cue from Alyssa and Kara with their no-Garmin sub-4 marathon last weekend.  I'm pretty sure just reading about their amazing Baltimore Marathon experience improved my training.

I didn't go full No-Garmin, or I wouldn't have these splits.  And it was still on auto-lap, beeping every mile.  But the goal was to not keep my eyes glued to my Garmin like I sometimes do.  Maybe it was the cool 60 degree day or that I took a rest day the day before or maybe listening to music helped, but I was surprised with my paces.

A couple things... I only had time for 11 miles and change, not the full 13 as per my training plan. I guess I will do a slightly longer long run this weekend, then maybe scale back the following weekend?

Also, my long runs are supposed to be half marathon pace plus :20 or :30 per mile -- which would mean 10:25 or 10:35 based on my most recent half marathon.  These yet still comfortable! I am hoping that means with a couple more weeks of speed work until the Philly half marathon I will have a good shot of improving my time.

Speaking of speed work, this was my Wednesday afternoon:

Goal was 10 x [400 @ 2:05, 400 rest].  I did it in the rain.  I'm pretty pleased!

This morning before work, at the crack of dawn, I fit in a 5 mile mid-tempo run.  Goal pace was 9:33-ish and I ran my five miles at: 9:41, 9:38, 9:33, 9:34, and 9:32.  This pace felt a little harder than my last mid-tempo run last Friday.  Despite it being tough, I wasn't too far off with my paces.  This was also my first run in my new running shoes - no need to break them in, they were perfect straight out the box.

Off to host my brother-in-law and his girlfriend as they visit the great state of NJ this weekend!


  1. I don't know why the no Garmin thing works so well but it does! I think I get locked into an idea that I "can't" run at a certain pace, so that alters my perception when I see my pace on my Garmin, if that makes sense. I see a huge PR in your future at the Philly half!

  2. sometimes we need a break from being garmin-obsessed! i am way too addicted to my garmin but sometimes manage to leave it at home on easy runs.

    you are using the FIRST plan, right? it's so effective! i think philly is going to work out well for you :)

  3. HATE the Garmin it makes me so mental! Great job on the workouts!

  4. Haven't joined the Garmin club yet...I really want to though! I guess all things are good in moderation, right?

  5. Welcome to "not worried about my pace!" club. :) It's amazing how a faster pace can feel "comfortable" if you don't know how fast you're going :)


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