Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ladies' Night

...but not the kind at a bar on Thursday nights during college.

On Tuesday night, a running store in the City of Brotherly love hosted a "Ladies' Night" sponsored by Nike.  There was a Nike fall fashion show, snacks, and drinks. The event included $20 store credit, 10% off Nike purchases, Nike grab bag items for all that came, and some prizes being raffled off.  Also, I had a gift card for this store that I've been sitting on since back in May.

This trip also gave me the pleasure of driving through the "Occupy Philly" demonstration across from City Hall at rush hour.  So people with ridiculous signs like this were crossing the road each time the light changed.

Since we cancelled cable this summer and I only look at the newspaper every other day or so, I didn't realize what it was until after I got home and thought about it that night (I also didn't realize these protests were sprouting up in places other than Wall Street).  What pained me the most is that the maker of this sign -- which I did see in person -- did not know how to make a proper %.

Back to running.

For the "grab bag" item, we could pick between a headband/earwarmer, a white hat, and a drawstring backpack- I chose the headband because I have plenty of hats and a couple of those backpacks and only one thermal headband.  Sadly my name was not called for any of the raffles (including a head-to-toe outfit including shoes!), but I did use up my store credit and gift card. 

I came home with this:

It's my first time trying the Miler tee, but I really like it! It fits well and is very soft to the touch. I want a long sleeve one too! Luckily it's not cold enough for the ear warmer yet. The socks are the same kind I got from RRS last year, and I still like them, so I thought it was worth getting more.  I have the Fiona bra already in a different color. It's not the "sexiest" sports bra, if such a thing exists, but it's very supportive.

Wednesday after work I decided to try out my new shirt on a run.

I am SO serious about speed work.

My plan was to run 1 mile warm up, 3 x [1600m@8:45, 400m rest interval], 1 mile cool down.  

It was almost dark out by the time I got outside (hence my white shorts and reflective headband).  It was about 60 out, and there was a light mist which was actually refreshing toward the end of my run. 

Check it out:

Success!  And I have the sweat to prove it.  Molly also looked on.

Verdict: I really like this shirt!  It's female-shaped, but not too thin or clingy.  There are mesh panels along the side for ventilation.  Reflective logo on the front left chest, each sleeve, and back.  Actually that back tab at the collar is for "cord management," but I don't really see myself using it to wire headphones through.

Most importantly, the miler tee was clearly what made my mile repeats successful!

Oh and tonight I went to spinning, but didn't stay for the abs class.  Work kicked my butt today/this week and an hour of spinning was good enough for me.


  1. I love tech tees that are designed for a woman! I have some great ones from Target. :)

  2. Alecia- it's so much more tolerable when the weather is cooler! And as much as I do try to talk myself out of it, I think it has helped improve my speed.

    Kara- Target does have some nice stuff! I have 2 tees from Target from a couple years ago... and 3 tanks that I wear a lot.

  3. I love the color of the shirt you chose (AND it matches the ear warmer. Score!) I'm going to have to check out the long sleeved ones. I got one from Target recently but it definitely doesn't fit great. I'm self conscious about my middle (I hate calling it "tummy") and it definitely clings to that area. I'll be using it as a base-layer and nothing more.

  4. I really like the color of that shirt. I have never worn a headband running before, I'm always worried it will just slip right off.


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