Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Belated Weekend Post

Friday  after work I squeezed in a mid-tempo run before happy hour with Dan and his classmates? colleagues?  I was pleased with my ability to swing by the grocery store on my way home, squeeze in a 4.5 mile run, and freshen up (The run should have been 5 miles, but I was urgent to get home to shower, walk the dog, and get out the door in a matter of 10 minutes).

Goal pace was 9:33.  Keeping my eye on the clock and the downhill at the end of my run contributed to the too-fast last half mile.

Saturday we went for a ~16 mile bike ride. 

The first 6 miles was on muddy canal towpath, which I did not photograph because I was occupied with not falling into the canal or mud. In addition to muddy spots there are still spots where the towpath was flooded from the hurricane.  All the smaller gravel was washed away leaving bigger gravel.  It doesn't appear to have been fixed yet.

We stopped mid-way along the towpath to take some pictures.

Here's a not so muddy part of the towpath:

After 6 miles we got off the towpath and decided to stick to the roads and we biked another 10 miles.

My legs felt tired on our bike ride, especially on some of the hills toward the end.  Perhaps spinning on Thursday night and a Saturday bike ride are too close together.

This can count as dinner, right?

Sunday the bananas I picked up at the store Friday afternoon already looked like this:

So I turned them into this: 

Then we went to a greyhound adoption group (the one we got Molly from) fundraiser at a local winery.

Molly made some friends:


And we picked up some wine and random locally made salsa & pickles being sold at the event.
Then we came home and made apple crisp.

There are seven apples in the apple crisp.  And there are still 10 apples leftover.
We're debating trying to make apple sauce...or just making another apple crisp.

Because my legs were tired on our bike ride Saturday I decided to postpone Sunday's long run until Monday.  I think it was a good idea to give my legs a rest instead of having a crummy long run...My legs hadn't had a day off since Tuesday.

What was the highlight of your weekend?
Anything fun planned for next weekend?


  1. obviously another apple crisp. fruits are much more palatable when covered in oats & brown sugar!

  2. Apple crisp is one of the best deserts! I've never been to a greyhound meet up or fundraiser.

  3. Nice run! The apple crisp looks delicious! I LOVE the pictures of the doggies! Last weekend was pretty laid back... took engagement photos on Sunday!

  4. New to your blog-AMAZING recipes and pretty dog =)

  5. The highlight of my week-end was to be able to run again. Just 3 miles but it was a beautiful fall day and I really enjoyed it.
    Next week-end I'm planning to join my running group on the forest trails.

  6. That's a lot of greyhounds! My husband is obsessed with greyhounds, but we don't have enough running room for one right now. He wants to rescue a bunch some day.

  7. I can eat an entire jar of sweet pickles in one sitting. This post has reminded me of my deep love for pickles.

  8. кофе раслабляет в хороший день


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