Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is may seem like it's going no where, but bear with me.

When I run through a nearby park I notice things on the ground... Like hairballs much larger than a domestic cat's. And droppings that may or may not have been left by a dog being walked there. Sometimes there are horse droppings on the trail in the woods there. While running yesterday morning, I was contemplating what I would do if I encountered wildlife like a skunk or a fox or even a coyote... then I remembered that in previous summers when it got really hot, there were black bear sightings in the area. So then I started wondering what I'd do if I came upon a bear. (I don't think I know the answer). Then I finished my run and went about my day.

At night, I was trying to look up information online regarding events or volunteer opportunities in that park where I ran. In poking around the internet for various local news sites and township website, I came across this article, which was posted yesterday.

(If you don't want to click on the above link, you can just read on and you'll get the gist).

Ack!! There HAVE been bear sightings in the past two weeks. And several of them happen to be very close to where we live! I have created this highly sophisticated graphic (see below) to show you yesterday's 8 mile run in relation to the three closest bear sightings.

That's right. 3 bear sightings within 2 miles of me. One of them being directly across the street, and another VERY close to the park I mentioned. Not gonna lie; I'm a little freaked out!

Lately I have been thinking that I should be running with some kind of protection (from humans!) for when I run alone. I don't usually run with my phone either because I don't have a good place to put it, and I don't like it bouncing around in the pocket at the back of my tank. I could try sticking it in my sports bra but who knows what sweat does to a cell phone. I don't have any experience with pepper spray, but I am reconsidering.

I've read that you can get a kind that can clip to your running shorts, or
there's the kind pictured above that has the hand strap so it's ready for action.

Do you own pepper spray and have you ever had to use it (on humans or animals?)
Any recommendations on what kind of pepper spray to get?

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