Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starbucks Rewards

Anyone belong to Starbucks Rewards? All you really have to do is have a gift card that you have registered on their website. Every time you pay with your gift card, you earn a star. After 5 stars you become a "Green" member and receive some benefits (like flavored syrup and milk on the house), after 30 stars you become a "Gold" member. Once a gold member, you still get free beverage customization and get a free drink every 15 stars, get a personalized Starbucks Gold card, and get personalized offers. That free syrup is actually not a bad deal-- basically most flavored lattes (mmm...Cinnamon Dolce Latte!) would then cost the same as a plain latte.

Gold Card, name scribbled out.

I just got my gold card a couple months ago (see above). And just recently got a card in the mail for a free drink! Any size.

Recently I have also started receiving cards for 15% off anything in their store valid during a certain time period. (merchandise, not drinks... I wonder if it was good on beans though? I didn't use the card, and I tossed it... I'll have to check next time I get one). Anyway, the rewards program is completely free, and a nice way to reward frequent/regular customers.

One of my favorite coffee beverages in the whole wide world is the Starbucks Double Shot, also previously called a Double Shot on Ice. I'm not referring to the canned variety available in supermarkets. I am referring to this beauty:

It's espresso and milk (I get nonfat) with some of their classic syrup (you can also get it without), shaken in a tumbler, poured over ice, and topped off with more milk. It's like a really strong iced coffee. It's also pretty cheap, for Starbucks. It's usually around $3 for me for a Venti. There used to be a button for it on the register, which has since disappeared, but it's the same cost as an Americano + classic syrup.

Recently I came across a coupon for $1 off the new Starbucks VIA instant iced coffee. I bought a package the other day. The coupon brought the package of 5 from $5.95 down to $4.95. I have yet to try it.

Anyone try VIA yet?
Are you a Starbucks or a Dunkin Donuts person (or both)? (I like both).

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  1. Starbucks double shot on ice is my most favourite too!


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