Friday, July 9, 2010

Up and Running

I'm starting this blog to document all things related to my running endeavors including my runs, cross-training, my thoughts on various workout clothing, as well as new foods or recipes, and any thing else I feel like writing about.

A Little Background:

About 3 summers my husband (then-fiance) began jogging, and tried getting me to go along.  I remember being very proud of myself when I was able to jog/walk a 1.5 mile loop near our apartment.  I had always been pretty good about going to the gym and using the elliptical machine or riding my bike - but running was way harder!  

As it became a little easier for me, I began jogging casually more consistently in Spring of 2008 mostly because it was quicker to step out my front door in the morning and go for a run than it was to drive to the gym, work out, and drive back.

In April 2009 my husband and I ran in our first race, a 3k.  In July 2009 I ran in my first 5k.  I continued to run regularly after the 5k and in January 2010, I signed up and began training for my first Half-Marathon in April.  I'm now training for my second half-marathon in September, with about 10 weeks to go.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. How you started is inspiring, maybe there is hope for me - I walk 20 minutes to an hour every day, but lately out of boredom and maybe a little runner-envy, have been attempting to run part of my walks.


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