Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recap: Training Week 10 + Garmin question

The Plan:
5 mi 
45 min 
5 mi 
11 mi 

What Happened:
Monday 3/14: 100 crunches. Nothing else.  Spinning was canceled because of the college's spring break.  I took one for the team (marriage) and went grocery shopping and made dinner.

Tues 3/15: Easy Run: 5.45 miles

Wed 3/16: 50 min Tempo Run = 4.92 miles

Thur 3/17: 25 minutes of weight machines at the gym (couple sets each of: chest, shoulder, bicep press; hip adduction & hip abduction; glute machine; "reverse" crunches? for your lower back.

Fri 3/18: Easy bike ride (first of the year!) w/hubs: 6.23 miles

Sat 3/19: Pace run: 6.75 miles + 120 crunches + 90 second plank

Sun 3/20: Long run = 13.02 miles.

I can't believe there are less than 2 weeks til the half marathon!
  • While my running routes naturally include some hills thanks to where I live, I am still nervous about the course's severe elevation map.  I am hoping to get over to the park where the half marathon will be on the weekend to do a pace run there (or maybe my easy run next week if I can get out of work on time) so I can run the biggest hill before hand.
  • I know it's early to obsess about weather. But I do anyway.  Excuse me, what is this!? 
    • Exhibit A: Friday it was 79F.
    • Now...chance of snow??  I'm not happy. This is central NJ, not western NY.  Crazy.
    • I will take temps in the 40s for April 3, just no snow or rain, please.
  • Related to the weather, I am starting to think about what I will wear.  This is also why I'd like to check out the park and see how shaded or not the trails are.  40s + shade = crops. 50+ with or without shade = shorts.  
  • Must start waking up earlier in the morning!  And maybe get in a couple runs before work, if the above forecast changes.  The half marathon will start at 8am.  I have not run at 8am since...the fall?  (So why am I still up writing this at 11:30!?)
Question for my Garmin-owning friends--

What information do you like to have on your Garmin?  For training and/or races.  I know the options may vary from model to model.  I usually have...
Screen 1: overall time, avg pace, total distance
Screen 2: lap time, lap pace, lap distance
Screen 3: HR Graph, zone, and time of sunset
And Actual HR flashes on a 4th screen.

-I do autolap at 1 mile increments (Not a problem last April - course was along the ocean, on boardwalk.  September...it got messed up, I blame tall Philly buildings and a tunnel).

-I occasionally use Virtual Partner (debating whether programming VP at 2:21:10 for this half marathon so I can see, as I run, how I compare to my previous fastest time will help me or stress me out).

How do you use your Garmin??


  1. I am considering purchasing a garmin, right now i just use RunKeeper on my iphone!
    At least you just have the chance of snow, we are in the middle of a full out snow storm right now in Ontario, booo!
    Yay for your first bike ride :o)

  2. I just got my garmin a couple of months ago. I am still trying to figure it out. Look forward to what others have to say on this.Thanks

  3. My 1st screen has the Average Pace, Overall time and total distance - same as you!

    Screen 2 - has lap pace, accuracy, lap time
    Screen 3 - sunset, calories, and time of day!

    Love my Garmin!

    Oh and I have a 1/2 marathon on April 2nd! Here's hoping we both have great weather for our races!

  4. I obsess over weather for races more than I did for my wedding (that could be moved inside!). And outfits. But I'm sure it will change. Driving/doing a run on the course is a great idea. I stopped wearing my heart rate monitor a long time ago, I guess I don't know enough about heart rate to use it effectively? Mine shows pace, average pace, time and distance. Distance can be a problem in a race since you'll usually get to the miles on your garmin before the mile marker and it can be frustrating. I have a love/hate relationship with average pace because you either know you are on pace to make your time goal, or you know you are not, no surprises! You are going to do fantastic at your half - is it weird I am already excited to read your recap?

  5. Travelbug- I love my Garmin! This May, I will have had it for 2 years. Sorry to hear you've got a snow storm going on still!!

    Penny- I feel like I still haven't explored all the features the Garmin has!

    Jen- Thanks for sharing. Good luck to you next week too!

    Re: pace- I'm trying to figure out if 'current pace' is too short-term to provide a meaningful number? It seems to jump around a bit (or I'm inconsistent in my running). The distance issue was very frustrating for Philly; it was pretty close for my first half along the shore because there were no obstacles for the satellites and minimal turns. Thanks for the words of encouragement - I hope my half next week will be something worth writing about! I'm getting a little nervous already.


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