Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple smoothie and a 4 mile run

Creative title, I know.

This morning I tried an "Apple Pie Smoothie" based on a recipe I stumbled upon over on the blog How Sweet it Is.  When I came across it online, it sounded really delicious!  And I did like the taste, but I think if I made this again, I would make a couple changes.

First, I would peel the apple (maybe that's obvious to others, but it didn't occur to me when I made this while half asleep this morning).  It blended well, but there was still some chewiness that was clearly the peel.

Second: My microwave is older, so I needed to microwave the apples for more like 90-100 seconds instead of the recommended 60.  The apples were nice and soft, however they were also hot!  Next time I'd heat the apples ahead of time and then chill or freeze so I wasn't starting with a warm smoothie.

I did make a couple modifications to the recipe; I added some frozen banana (largely to cool it down), I added a little bit of some local wildflower honey, and a little extra milk (also to cool it down).

In searching for Apple Pie smoothies, I came across another recipe, "Apple Pie in the Sky," here, involving applesauce, and a whole bunch of ingredients that would not be as readily available as those in the first recipe I linked to.

Some other Apple smoothies [that I have not tried yet]:
-Apple Pie Smoothie (Apple Pumpkin Banana) from allrecipes
-Apple Pie Smoothie (involves Coconut Oil? I don't have that on hand) from The Creative Pot
-Apple Pie Smoothie II from Smoothie Web

Have you made an apple smoothie before?
Do you have any other "fall" smoothie suggestions?

In fitness news, I went for a comfortable-paced 4.35 mile run after work today.  Nice and comfortable (yeah, I know I just said that word twice) in the low 70s with no direct sun as I didn't head out until 5:45.  A little buggy though, as it has rained for the last 2 days... I found a gnat in my hairline when I got home, and I pulled a gnat out of my eye!  Ew.  It's only my third run since the half marathon, but I'm enjoying not being on a 'training plan' at the moment.  No pressure to run a certain distance or at a certain pace!

I wore my Lululemon black circle mesh Cool Racerback and my new Lululemon Coal/Citron Fast shorts (I previously wrote about my black Fast shorts here).  I'm glad I bought a second pair of these shorts!


Observation: My new sneakers are only a month old and they are no longer that crisp white!  
I guess I have put 72 miles on them already (that's crazy!)

Have a good night!

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