Friday, September 3, 2010

Newish Gap Line: Gap Body Fit

I have a Gap Silver card but don't use it as much as I used to.  I find that I buy cheaper basics from Old Navy, or I'll buy nicer work clothes from Banana Republic, and Gap has kinda fallen through the cracks.  Seriously; last time I bought anything from them was March - I got a couple bras on promotion (I like their Favorite T-Shirt Bras).  It might have been a year before that since I bought anything else from them.

Anyway, I try to remember to check their site periodically in case they have anything eye-catching.  I checked today and saw they have a new line- Gap Body Fit.

I was surprised to see this.  As a card holder, I usually get mailings or emails notifying me of promotions or new items.  I wonder if they haven't officially launched it yet?

I remember they tried launching some athletic wear through their Gap Body stores a couple years ago, but it must have not done well enough.  I have a cute tank from them from several years ago, and I remember they had some running tights/crops maybe 2 years ago, before I felt comfortable wearing them.

Here's their new collection...

They have a decent selection of pants/crops:

None of the pants/leggings are more than $49.50.  The crops are $34.50 and 44.50.  Compare that to Lululemon's $86 crops and $98 tights.  I wonder how they compare during use.  The gFast crops/pants that I'd wear for running are Nylon/Spandex, claim to be moisture wicking, regular rise, slimming seams and pockets for valuables (can't tell where from pictures).  Gap could benefit from posting more pictures of these, because who knows if this line will be available in stores.

Here are their shorts/skirts:

I'm guessing at $26.50 the running shorts ("signal fire" and black) don't have a built in liner (it's not mentioned in the item description).  They are a poly/spandex blend.  The skirt (ink blue and black) could be a decent deal at $39.50 - it's Nylon/Spandex and has built in shorts underneath.

Looks like they have some sports bras that do not appear to be very supportive (for my needs).

Even a gym bag and yoga bag here.

These tanks are kinda cute.  At 39.50 they are not a cotton blend (88% Nylon, 12% Spandex), and they have a built in shelf bra.  I could care less about the shelf bra as I'd be looking to wear my own bra underneath for running, but it's something.  Cute keyhole  detail in the back.  Compare to $39 Lululemon Cool Racerbacks or more like low-to-mid $50s for Lulu's tanks with support.

- - - - -

Has anyone bought anything from this new line?  
Had you heard of it before?  
Do you plan to buy anything from this collection?


  1. Interesting, I hadn't heard of this line before now! I love lululemon stuff, but man is it spendy!

  2. Gap Body Fit is the most amazing product! It is seriously as good or better than Lululemon at half the price! I was once a Lululemon devotee and I am completely converted. You must try Gap Body Fit!

  3. Sorry I missed your comment, Sassy Molassy-- I agree, Lulu is pricey. I try to get it on loot when I can!

    Anon- Thanks for your input! I haven't heard from anyone who has tried this line yet. Wish I could go check it out at a store first. I prefer technical fabrics to cotton, so I think if I tried something from this line it would be the crops or one of their pants. I don't need the shelf bra in their tanks, but maybe I'll check them out anyway.


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