Monday, September 27, 2010

Tone It Up

I don't remember how I first came across Tone It Up a couple months ago, but their website is a great (free) resource!  I have previously referenced their coffee ice cube suggestion.  But they have made several short videos (less than 5 minutes) demonstrating exercises to target different regions.  You can check out all their videos here.

Here are some of my favorites:

They have just released their own DVD, Tone It Up's One Day Fat Blast.  It's going to be available through their site for $19.99 + s/h for a total of $24.98 for customers in the US.  According to their site, somehow shipping to Canada brings the grand total to $43.98??  Hopefully not.

Anyway, you can also get it on Amazon, for only $17.99 + shipping (or add more to your order and get Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25).

According to their emails, the DVD will feature two 30-minute workouts.  I'm thinking of getting it through Amazon to have on hand for days that I don't run, especially in the winter.

I have used the short videos on their website many times, but I think having a 30 minute routine playing on the TV will help me to more (instead of looking up say 2 or 3 of their videos and doing those moves for only 5-10 minutes).

Are you familiar with Tone It Up?
What exercise videos/DVDs do you use at home?  
(I have a Denise Austin Pilates DVD that I used during undergrad... haven't used it much recently though)

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  1. I like the Tone It Up girls. I feel like they really do know what they are talking about with topics related to food and workouts, and not just 2 hot chicks! Though they are beautiful and look great in their Lululemon! I liked their coffee ice cube suggestion when I read it a while ago too. But haven't tried it yet!

    I don't own any work out DVDs, but I'm thinking about getting Jillian Michael's! Maybe this one is worth checking out too. $20, can't hurt!


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