Monday, November 21, 2011

Road ID Winner

As promised, I am posting the winner of the Road ID Giveaway on Monday 11/21.  Barely.  I had hoped to have my Philadelphia half marathon recap ready at the same time, but no such luck.

So for now... here's the winner.  Thanks to all who entered!

Drumroll, please...


Congratulations, AR!

Please drop me an email at: amandarunsoncoffeeATgmailDOTcom and I'll let you know how to claim your  Road ID.

If you are bummed about not winning and want to order your own, you can go to: and use code pcSanta220 for 20% off your entire order through 11/28

Please stop back some time Tuesday night for my race recap.  Seriously.

Oh, and check out this post-finish line picture from the Philadelphia Marathon twitter account.

I made a cameo appearance in my blue t-shirt.


  1. You know, I had my race recap up the next day. Just a thought. :) Sure, sure I don't have a job, but still. :P

  2. I love knowing famous people. Can't wait to actually meet you in soon!

  3. Thanks for the code! I need to get 2 of these!


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