Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review: Wrist ID Slim

I recently contacted Road ID about trying one of their products for review.  I was most interested in their newer Wrist ID Slim model. They were very kind to offer me one free of charge for review on my blog.

The Wrist ID Slim is the thinnest that Road ID offers, at just under .5" wide (or .47" to be exact, according to their website).  I wanted the smallest possible since I also wear my big honkin' Garmin FR 405.

My wrist measures about 5.25" around, so I went with the Small that is meant for wrists 6" and under.  If your wrist is 6-7" you should get a medium and a large fits 7-8" wrists. If you don't own a measuring tape and aren't sure what size to order, they have an easy way to tell using a dollar bill on their website.

I have had the opportunity to wear my Wrist ID Slim for several runs and bike rides over the past month.

It is easy to put on and take off, it fits well and is comfortable to wear.  It's also a better option than my previous solutions for long runs and bike rides - throwing my license in a pocket or in my bike seat bag and/or writing my name and my husband's name and phone number on a piece of paper and sticking it in my pocket or water bottle pocket.  The Wrist ID Slim is clearly more visible than my makeshift methods.  It is also waterproof, unlike my strip of paper.

As a safety precaution, in addition to bringing my license/strip of paper/now Road ID with me - especially on solo long runs, I make sure to tell my husband the general area where I plan to run or ride my bike and when I think I'll be home.  I also frequently plot out my approximate route ahead of time on www.gmap-pedometer.com and leave it up on my computer when I'm gone.

You can enter up to five lines of text on the ID plate, I only used four.  Line 1: name, year of birth.  Line 2: Dan, his phone number, and relation to me.  Line 3: No Known Allergies (NKA), Blood Type, and Organ Donor.  Line 4 is just for fun. 

And who knows... if I am unresponsive, maybe some peanut butter would help me snap out of it.  Dan does say that I perk up at the sight or mention of peanut butter.

You have the option of (1) putting your information on the ID plate itself or (2) going with the interactive version that allows you to maintain an online personal profile that you can update if there are changes to your emergency contact information, insurance information, allergies, medications, etc.  While I like the idea of the interactive, as some day we may actually update our phone numbers to have the same area code as where we live (still have NY area codes after 6+ years in NJ), it seemed like it would be easier for emergency responders to have information readily available.

I like to wear mine on the same wrist as my Garmin, but on the left side so I still have access to the buttons.

You could also choose to wear the two with your regular watch.

Much like Bananas Gorilla...

Anyone remember this guy from the Richard Scarry/Busytown books?

The slim model comes in 7 different colors, and as of the date of this review, it retails for $15.99.   

If you can't pick just one color, you can buy a second colored band for $1.00 and move the plate between bands.

(an aside: Did you know they also have the Scout ID for dogs??)

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Wrist ID slim!  It's comfortable, fits well, is visible to others, and is waterproof (salt and fresh water).  While the text is small since the band is only 1/2 inch wide, the text came out well and is very legible.  My husband shared that he thinks it costs a bit much for what it is, but he has said this about other things.  I can't think of a cheaper substitute that would work as effectively and I think it's not that much to spend to know that in the event of an emergency, you can be identified and your loved ones can be notified.

Do you own a Road ID or similar product?
What safety precautions do you take when running/biking/etc.?


  1. Oh! I like how you can change out the band color. Do you think it would fit on the standard livestrong bracelet?

  2. I have a shoe wallet road ID, which I love, except then I don't have it when I bike. I like the slim one, I may put it on my xmas list! Thanks!

  3. Andrea- They say their bands are a bit more heavy duty than the "cause" bracelets but that the ID plate will still fit nicely on a Livestrong-type bracelet.

  4. i love that you have PB addict on your road ID!

    i looked up your 5K time in the FIRST book (under "equivalent performances at different distances") and, for your most recent 5K, your predicted HM finish is around 2:09-2:10. take that with a grain of salt though. i'm not totally sold on using a 5K time to predict an endurance event like the HM. my recent 5K time predicts a slower marathon and half marathon time for me.

  5. I have the shoe ID and I love it. It's even reflective! I wish I had made the saying be "Please pause my Garmin" haha

  6. Hey I'm o positive and a peanut butter addict too :) I do like that you can get different bands. I'm a color junkie and would get bored with the same color. Also I totally want the dog one!

  7. I told myself that in WA I would get a ROAD ID but then we got word we were moving to Germany so it seemed silly to buy one with info that would be outdated (phone number) in a few months. Now that we are settled in Germany and I do all my running outdoors, I should really get on that. Maybe Road ID would give me one for free because I'm awesome :)

  8. Awesome! I have a Road ID and I love it.. it could be a lifesaver for real one day :)

  9. I REALLY need to get one. I have been putting it off for way to long!


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