Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adventures in Baking, Etc.

Sometimes recipes don't go as well as planned.  I have a whole bunch of ingredients in our pantry I've been trying to use up including flaxseed meal, coconut oil, and a can of pumpkin.  Two weekends ago, I found a recipe that used these.

Here are all the ingredient.  Minus the walnuts.

Here is the concoction plopped into lovely muffin tins.

And here are those muffins after they were in the oven for -- wait for it --  over 45 minutes.  Seriously.  I thought it was some kind of joke.  Or that I didn't have the oven on (I did).

The recipe said these should be in the oven for 25.  I kept checking them and they never rose.  And even after 45 minutes, they still looked like they weren't done yet in the middle.

They ended up tasting ok... we ate them.  But knew that they were more like a dense pumpkin bar in muffin cups.  Not at all a pumpkin muffin.  I'm not sure what went wrong here.  The recipe called for whole wheat flour, which might explain a denser end result...yet the muffins pictured with the recipe are light and fluffy.  Someone brought to my attention that if your baking powder is a little older, your baked goods may not rise.  But this same baking powder has not failed me in other recipes (banana nut bread, oatmeal butterscotch cookies).

The verdict is... I might think about trying to make this again, but I would sub in all-purpose flour for half of the flour in the recipe.  When I typically take a recipe that calls for all-purpose flour and sub in whole wheat, I usually only do up to half whole wheat.

To redeem myself, I made oatmeal butterscotch cookies later in the week and succeeded.  It's just the recipe on the back of the Toll House butterscotch chip bag, but I use half whole wheat flour.

And because I am easily excited by all things related to food, I will share some recent purchases.

Left 2 from Trader Joe's; Dannon's stepping up their Greek game w/a new flavor.
The key lime Greek yogurt is pretty delicious. Perhaps because it's not the nonfat kind.  I'd buy it again, regardless of its 4.5 grams of fat.

Had this at a friend's house, had to stop myself from downing half the jar.
How badly can I mess up this recipe?

Not as protein- and fiber-ful as Kashi's TLC bars, but a good tasting crunchy granola bar.  Or more like a crunchy chocolate chip cookie. 4g protein, 3g fiber per 2 bars (1 package)

Have any good baking disaster stories?  
What's your favorite thing to bake?

Oh. and PS...

I don't really know what to do with this.  I bought this MLO brand brown rice protein powder.
I can't remember if I picked it up at Wegmans or Trader Joe's. 

Regardless, after trying it in 2 smoothies, it's not my cup of tea, but I feel like I can't throw away a nearly full 24 oz canister (minus 4 scoops). That's like 22-23 servings left.  

It's vegan.  I'm not, but I thought I might prefer something without a lot of added sugar or other flavors.  But after buying a couple brands, I find that I prefer a protein powder with flavor (i.e. chocolate).  This one tastes kind of like flour if you don't blend it well.  

Ringing endorsement, I know. 

I don't know if this is weird, but if someone wants it: claim it, and I'll mail it to you.  Seriously.  
If there are no takers, I guess I'll toss it because I don't know what else to do with it, and I'll feel bad.


  1. I'll pass on the nasty protein powder, but thanks. :)

    My baking stuff usually turns out, but I have had some serious cooking fails, usually involving the fire alarm going off...

  2. I had some less than tasty protein powder and I just mixed in in with my oatmeal - along with something tasty like PB. Maybe give that a try?

  3. when you use the brown rice protein powder, try to add some sort of sweetner or a dash of vanilla to it, it grew on me. I have one like that, I have also added unsweetened cocoa to a smoothie with that and then added a squirt of agave. YOu can finish it up! Or alternatively use it when baking peanut butter cookies - adds a protein punch, and since no flavor doesn't do too much, or protein pancakes...also re: TJ pumpkin bread mix = DELISH

  4. I also had a pumpkin-baking related diappointment recently. FIrst of all, husby would not pay for a can of pumpkin and insisted that we get sugar pie pumpkins, roast them, scoop them, and make our own pumpkin puree because it's half the price. Uh yeah a can of pumpkin isn't THAT expensive, mister. Whatever. Anyway, *I* was the one who did all the labour, and ended up with the most bland, unflavourful muffins of life.

    Also, pineapple salsa is my crack-cocaine.

    That greek yogs looks awesome! mocha! chocolate! Come visit me in Canada!

  5. I would try using the protein powder in some baking recipes. Try them in the oatmeal cookies :) The has a yummy recipe for amazeballs and she uses protein powder in them.

  6. When I made my amazing post Baltimore - marathon cupcakes, I baked them too long and the wrappers stuck to them. I just warned everyone at the party. I'm weird and I don't like fruit salsas, except this one tropical fruit one from Wegmans that's pretty sweet. Is it weird if I'll try the protein powder? I can get it at the hot chocolate race. I take everybody's leftovers :).

  7. I used to eat those Clif Crunch bars on a daily basis, although the PB were my favorite. So good! And you don't know cooking fails until you've burned water...twice.

  8. My biggest fail was making lasagna. The recipe called for 2oz of cream cheese. When I the grocery still not being too used to ounces (I grew up with the metric system) I read 20... And put it all in the lasagna. It was a dairy catastophe.


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