Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Recap and I'm Not In High School

Last Week:

Mon 9th- Rest
Tue 10th- Hilly 3 Miler in the AM, 6 miles at the track in the PM
Wed 11th- 25 min Yoga for Runners
Thu 12th- 5.17 mi/4.35 in 38:26, 8:50 avg pace (beats my 5k PR). Pretty surprised and pleased with that!
Fri 13th- Poured. All. Day. Arm Work & Crunches.
Sat 14th- 3.86 mi hike with Dan & the pup. More Core work.
Sun 15th- 9.11 mi run, avg pace of 9:39

1. Molly feels she benefits from doing yoga with me.


2. I spent all of Saturday morning inside a high school 35 miles away taking a basic skills test for the state of California so I can be cleared to work in CA schools.  Not until I sat down in a room full of high schoolers did I realize that I had been directed to a room administering the ACT (despite me showing my CBEST admission ticket to the people in the hallway). Maybe some day I will appreciate being mistaken for being 12 years younger, but not now.

Afterward, I treated myself to some Yogurtland on my way home.  It was what I got hooked on in NJ, but the closest one is over 20 miles from where we live now.  The competition (Golden Spoon and Menchie's) doesn't compare.  Then I was able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine in the afternoon.

Friday Rain = Creek has water!
Friday Rain = Snow at Higher Elevations (Look in the Distance)

3. Long runs with the running group force me to push myself.  Based on RLRF, I was doing my long runs around a 10:00 pace, but now I seem to be doing them more around 9:40 with the folks I run with on the weekends.  I don't feel totally wiped out after either so I might as well keep it up.  Maybe it was time for me to re-evaluate my training paces anyway.


  1. I have the same problem, people always think I'm much younger than I am.

    Way to shave off 20 seconds on the long run pace!

    1. Hopefully that's still the case when we're older. Thanks!

  2. I've always said that the key to getting faster is to train with faster people. I should write a book :)

    Just wait until you have a baby and people think you're a teen mom. You're going to love that.

    1. You should write a book, I'd read it. A few years ago when I would take out the boys I used to watch (they were born when I was 18 and 20), I'd get looks from other people sometimes- so if those people were within earshot, I'd try to make some comment to the boys including the phrase "your mom" or "your parents" so it might be clear that no, I am not a teen mom.

  3. OMG, love Yogurtland. We went Friday AND Saturday. How sad there isn't one near you. OTOH, is there a Jersey Mikes near you? I went for 13 years without any until I finally discovered them in Huntington Beach and then they built one two miles from my house.


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