Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Recap

Previously recapped:
March 1-4: Ran 14.99 miles, Hiked 7.78 miles
March 5-11: Ran 26.18 miles, Hiked 5.22 miles
March 12-18: Ran 22.86 miles, Hiked 11.12 miles, Skied 5 hours

The rest of the month:
March 19-25: Ran 21.64 miles including a mostly-trail half marathon
March 26-31: Ran 18.93 miles (included a short hilly run, track workout, short easy run & tempo run) + walked 5.5 miles on sand, that counts for something right?

100_7149  100_7154

I like scenic drives home:
100_7214  100_7216

Also did a core + arm workout and a short 20 minutes of yoga. I deferred last weekend’s 10 mile long run to Monday because we skied on Sunday so I needed to save my legs.

100_7241 - Copy
Last line on the sign says "Easiest Way Down"

March totals: 104.6 miles run; 24.12 miles hiked
2012 Running Total: 221.71 miles (Yeah, January & February were pretty weak).

What’s going on in April?
  • I’d like to have another 100+ mile running month.  I have no excuse not to be running more than I am right now.
  • I miss my bike. I’m really going to cart it down to the bottom of my giant hill and ride it on the bike path.
  • More hiking, less skiing. Sadly ski season is probably just about over. (Also, oddly, we have skied more in the past month in Southern California than we did in the last 2 years of living in New Jersey).
  • Hopefully more trail running.  Now that it’s light out later at night, my running group has a few organized week night trail runs starting this month.


  1. Get the road bike!!! Looks like you had a great month!

  2. Your month looks awesome! I think you could hit 125 miles in April. :)

  3. Great month! I love the views, every post you put up has pics that make me jealous. Did you get a bike rack?


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