Saturday, April 23, 2011

Exercise while away from home

We'll see how this post works out, I'm trying to post by email from my phone from a hotel room in NC...

While I didn't stick to my training plan exactly this past week, I think I did a pretty good job of getting in some runs, etc. while away. I tried not to get too stressed about it, but also didn't let myself make tons of excuses and weasel my way out of exercise.

I didn't bring any equipment with me, but all you need is a carpeted surface for crunches/planks/pushups, and a chair/bench/solid bed footboard for tricep dips.

Sunday 4/17: walked maybe a mile and a half while visiting friends in NC.
-Did a plank sequence (center plank on forearms and side planks on each side), 50 crunches, 20 lower ab things

Monday 4/18: drove 9ish hours to FL.
-Longer plank sequence (30 sec @ center, 15 sec @side, reaching arm down and under stomach x8, 30 sec at center plank, then repeat for other side).
-50 crunches, 25 lower ab things
-15 tricep dips

Tuesday 4/19:
-ran 3.15 miles (easy)
-10 chest pushups, 10 tricep pushups
-walked on beach a little
-walked a mile-ish after dinner

Wednesday 4/20:
-ran 7.02 miles (long)
-walked around museum for an hourish and walked around a shoppy area for 2ish hours (yeah, I'm counting it for something)

Thursday 4/21:
-walked around a zoo for a couple hours
-15 tricep dips
-45 second plank
-40 crunches, 60 oblique crunches

Friday 4/22:
-ran 3.68 miles (tempo run)
-walked on beach a little
-leisurely swam a couple laps/treaded water in deep end of pool

Saturday 4/23:
-50 crunches, 50 bicycle crunches
-drove 10 hrs from FL to NC.
-Ran 3.05 miles on hotel's fitness center treadmill. Wanted to run longer but we got to hotel later than planned because of traffic and fitness ctr closed at 9. I ran until 9:01 pm. Got in .6 mile warm up, 2.25 mi at half pace (10:20 at .5-2.5 incline) and .2 mile cool down plus walking the fitness center key back to the front desk.

While my supplemental crunches/planks/etc were not as intense as my usual spin and boot camp, I'm still happy I was able to squeeze some of that in.

Happy Easter! We'll be driving the rest of the way home tomorrow with the rest of the northeast, yippee!


  1. Congratulations on keeping up with the workouts even on the road!

  2. Nice job! Looks like you got in some good stuff. Hopefully traffic won't be too bad for ya!

  3. Good job keeping up with the exercise, i'm shocked i worked out this weekend as well
    Whenever i'm on vacation i always work out the first couple of days then my motivation dwindles down to zero
    Hope you had a safe drive home :o)


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