Friday, April 15, 2011

Back on Track

Speed work after work went well today.
8x400 @ 5k pace.  My goal pace was in the 9:24-9:28 range based on shooting for a 2:15-2:16 half.  I did .12 mile rest intervals after every 400m (.25 miles).  Check out my splits:


I had feared that my week and a half of laziness would have impacted my fitness level.  But apparently not! I think it was a much needed break.

On a related note, Thursday night was boot camp.  My gym is 1.4ish miles away.  At 5/5:30pm, the first half of that involves slowly inching along in traffic.  Yesterday it was sunny and 70, and I got home from work early I decided to RUN to the gym (and back).  Surprisingly, I have never done this before.

My goal was 3 easy miles in addition to boot camp -- except my pace while running to the gym ended up being 9:22 for the first mile and and 9:52 for the remaining .53 miles.  I really meant to run those miles at a slower pace.  But maybe my fear of being late to the class and my week and a half rest helped me out.  I did a better job of slowing down a little for the return trip, running at a 10:29 pace.  There are sidewalks nearly the entire way which made it pretty easy.  I'd definitely do it again if I allow myself time and want to get some miles in on a boot camp night.

Not sure that I'm going to get a pace run in in the morning before we leave, as it's midnight, and I'm not totally packed yet...oh well.


  1. Nice! I'm so glad the little break did wonders for you!

  2. Nice trackwork! Glad the rest paid off.

  3. i used to run to yoga a lot when living in boston. well, where it was situated from my house. running their was actually quicker than taking the subway or bus. it was a nice way to sneak in a run that i didn't go on in the morning.

  4. Green Girl & Teamarcia- thanks!
    Kathleen- Very nice! I agree, it was a nice way to sneak in a couple extra miles.


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