Monday, April 29, 2013

Proof I Didn't Peak in High School?

Last Wednesday I ran Kari's "Proof I Didn't Peak in High School" timed mile.

I had hoped to run it at track the night before, but work kept me from getting to track with my running group, so I ran it in the morning on our mostly flat bike path.

I don't know how to warm up for these things, so I ran out for a mile at a comfortable pace, noting nearby landmarks every quarter mile (that's one nice thing about the track).  Then I did some little leg/hip stretchy things, then ran a mile back to my car, at an uncomfortable pace.

My overall lap paces when I glanced down at my watch at my approximate quarter-mile landmarks were: 7:16, 7:21, 7:23, 7:21.

Meh, 1 mile in 7:21.

I was hoping for closer to low 7, but for no real reason. I felt surprisingly like death afterward given my unimpressive speed (see upper right photo), but then again I haven't been to track since mid-March and my runs have been primarily long runs around a 9:00 pace, short incredibly hilly runs, and comfortable-paced trail runs.  So it shouldn't be a surprise.

I can do 10-12x400m in the 1:38-1:45 range, which is mid-to-upper 6min/mi pace, but that's with 200m rest in between.

I had fleeting thoughts about attempting this again, but decided my lack of recent speed work would probably mean marginal, if any, improvement.

After finishing my mile, I breathed heavily while pacing back and forth for a few minutes, glad that no one else was around to witness how winded I was.  Then I attempted to steady my hand to take some cell phone pictures to prove I did this thing, and hopped in my car and hurried home to catch my online class with minutes to spare.

What did I learn from this?
1. Go back to track workouts. Now. Stop letting work interfere.
2. Do I really want to run a 5K in a few weeks?  Half Marathon pace is so much more comfortable.
3. I like how the track visually breaks up a distance. Trying to run fast-ish down an endless straight stretch is hard.
4. Really, I like 400m better than anything else that is supposed to be run at a hard effort at the track. I complain about 800s, so I probably would have complained about a mile, too.

Oh, and was this proof that I did not peak in High School?  I don't know. I don't remember any timed miles from high school.  Aside from a Turkey Trot I ran in 9th grade (still can't find my time for that...), I didn't run in middle or high school except when it was required for soccer.


  1. When I did mine, I contemplated running it again, too, but then I was like "do I really want to feel even more like I might die?" so I decided against it.

  2. Nice job, running a mile is hard. I never know how fast I should start out.

    1. Thanks! I had a hard time knowing how to start. I like 400s at the track because you can see the whole distance :)

  3. I'm really glad I'm not the only one who has no clue how long it took me to run a mile in HS. Running the mile is painful, and so are 5ks. But then, so are halfs. Fulls are the only option really.

    1. Haha. Clever attempt to peer pressure me into 26.2... I think my 30k was sufficiently long for my tastes ;)

  4. I don't think I could even run a mile in High school so it would be pretty bad if I went down hill from there lol


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