Friday, May 24, 2013

Back at it

Here’s how my running has gone recently. In my mind anyway.

Last February to May: “I’m unemployed, I’ll run as much as I want – wheee!”

May to July: “I’m working part-time, I’ll run as much as I want – wheee!” 

August to October: Begin real full-time job, loosely follow Run Less Run Faster (3 quality runs a week)

November to April:  I started taking classes. Work got busy and I often worked 10-11 hour days. I either couldn’t make it to track on time or by the time I got home I would be too tired to run fast. So of my 3  runs, track day became an easy day. 

After running my most recent half PR in December, tempo days became easy runs too.  So then I was running 3ish days a week, maintaining a long run base of at least 10 miles, but mostly all at an easy pace.

At the end of April I decided I was going to add more days of running, even if they were short or easy runs.  Also, after an irrationally semi-disappointing Fastest Mile in late April, I vowed to return to track.

Week of April 29— Lame, but I got in 5 runs.
Monday- 2.3 mi easy run
Tuesday- 3.13 mi at Track: 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m, 100m
Thursday- 3.4 mi on hills
Friday- 2.58 mi
Sunday- 8.22 mi mountain trail run

Week of May 6— Only 3 runs but +a bike ride. Cross-training is another goal, especially if I’m hoping to up my mileage.
Tuesday- 1.8 mi easy run
Wednesday- 10.10 mi bike ride
Thursday- 8 mi run
Saturday- 10.25 mi run

Week of May 13- Less running miles than I wanted, but 5 days of moving and my longest bike ride since last July.

Monday- 5.18 mi with a good climb
Tuesday- 4.8 mi at Track. 3x300m; 4x400m; 2x800m.
Wednesday- 9 mi bike ride
Friday- 6.1 mi run
Saturday – 17.4 mi bike

Alright, your eyes should be sufficiently glazed over by now.

Since October, about 2/3 of my work has been where I live, and the rest is 40 miles away.  Last week, a magical thing happened.  I was able to transfer that other 1/3 to a new hire that lives in that area…and what I’m left with is considered a full caseload.  In other words, I’ve been working at 150% capacity for the last several months.  This week it was glorious not to fall asleep and wake up thinking about work.

TL;DR version: 

  • I was working too much
  • I will be working less
  • I will now resume my efforts to run fast
  • I may write about it occasionally


  1. Woo hoo! Glad you can return to the world of blogging and running!

  2. Agree with Alyssa's comment!!! you are back :) It's hard with work taking over sometimes but it makes the run that much more special to get out the kinks of work and life and be able to forget about it even if it's a 3 mile run :)


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