Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I Ate

Consider this post my response to Kara, Alyssa, Kari, and Emily's posts.
(Found on  Facebook)

7:15am: black coffee.

7:45am: banana on my way to run.
8:15am: 8.25 mile run.
10:00am: post-run breakfast burrito- eggs, cheddar, bacon + 16 oz water.

11:45am: Strawberries and pathetic looking fridge-clean-out-veggies (2 stalks of celery and some dried up baby carrots), while driving to a meeting.

2:45pm: Cocoa roasted almonds while driving between two meetings. Plus another cap-ful. Finished off another 32 oz of water.

4:00pm: Rita's gelati: Rootbeer ice & vanilla custard.  Because Rita's just opened it's first store in CA last week, and that's exciting.
I normally eat a real dinner, but since we are going out of town this weekend, we are playing the "clean out whatever's left in the fridge instead of going grocery shopping" game.

6:00pm: Made some guacamole using up 2/3 of an avocado and some tomato. And I ate it with probably 3 servings of restaurant style tortilla chips (that may be a conservative figure). Not pictured, because I ate them directly out of the bag. Finished drinking another 32 oz of water.
6:30pm: Husband threw me a mail-order beef stick while I worked at the kitchen table.

8:45pm: Dinner/Dessert: Lots of strawberries (2 more pints to get through before Friday afternoon) on top of slow-churned vanilla ice cream + whipped cream and unsalted peanuts.  I really only went ahead with this because I didn't want to admit to my husband that I already had frozen custard earlier in the day.

  • I eat in my car a lot
  • Much less coffee than normal
  • More snacking than real "meals"


  1. OMG I would die with no lunch and chips for dinner. My husband's life would be in jeopardy. The Ritas and ice cream does look amazing though!

    1. While not a proper dinner, I think I had about 5-600 calories of chips. The endless chip basket at Mexican reataurants is trouble for me. You have rita's near yiy, right?

  2. My first thought is 1st Rita's in Cali!!! I am sure you are so excited :)

  3. I feel hungry to see all delicious food stuff. Your day start with black coffee same mine with coffee of kopi luwak. That refresh me all day.


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