Thursday, September 13, 2012

I got a Jerb!

So we moved to CA in mid-February. I’m sure I spent about a month moping around feeling sorry for my unemployed self and also getting annoyed that I was not finding job postings for what I went to grad school for.  For the last 4 months worked part-time job as a behavior therapist and for the last 3 months or so I have also been working in a running store.

But at last, I can stop asking this:


I’ll be working full-time, still in the behavior therapy field, but I will have the opportunity to utilize more of my school psychology training.  I’m excited!

Back to running.

The week of September 3rd:
Monday: Short 3ish mile hike. We waited too long to leave for this hike, it got hot, the main fire road had been paved, it didn’t feel like a hike; we were miserable.
Tuesday: AM- 6 mile fun run from the running store, avg pace: 9:39.
                    PM- Trackwork: 10x400m (400 rest). Goal pace 1:51, I ran them 1:44-1:49. Total: 6.04 mi.
Thursday: Ran 5.6 hilly miles/4.16 at tempo pace (8:25, 8:44, 8:36, 8:38 + .16@ 8:31). Goal pace 8:38.
Saturday: Long Run: 10.09 mi/avg pace 9:32.

Totals: Ran 27.76 mi, hiked 3.18.

I’ve done two weeks of the hundred pushups program. Week 3 is a little delayed, because I am weak and because I didn’t feel like doing pushups after track the other night, so I might go back and repeat the last day of week 2 and properly start Week 3 at the beginning of next week.

Since we’re half-through this week, I might as well post on that too.

Week of September 10th:
Tuesday: AM- 3 miles of trail run/walk in my Mizuno trail shoes for some running store footage.

Tuesday PM- Trackwork: 7x800m (90 sec rest). Goal was 3:47, I ran them in 3:39-3:42.  It would have been 8, but we were kicked off the track during the 6th one for a college soccer game, and we were being given the hairy eyeball during the 7th. I didn’t want to be yelled at. Total: 4.9 miles.
Wednesday- 5.36 mi fun run from the running store at night/avg pace 9:17

Will probably run or bike tomorrow morning and I haven’t decided what I’m doing this weekend yet.  Our new couch is being delivered and the actual delivery time will determine my physical activity. I hate delivery windows.  Also, why isn’t there a weeknight delivery option for when people are actually home?

- - -

I’m currently debating whether to do this Leona Valley trail race.  It’s only 2 weeks away.  I mentioned this one back before we moved to CA in this post, and part of it is on the Pacific Crest Trail. It wouldn’t be a “race” for me so much as a fast hike/slower run because there is a fair amount of elevation change.  It would be good practice for the upcoming Griffith Park Trail half marathon in mid-November, though.  Actually, this elevation might be worse than the Griffith Park race.

All I have on my calendar right now is a [road] half marathon on November 4th, and the trail half on November 17th (it was a free entry!).  Apparently last month’s cross country races weren’t enough to satisfy the race itch.


  1. Congrats on the job!! That is so great. Getting a job in your actual field is a huge thing, I would love to do that too one day :)

  2. Congrats girl!! That's gotta be a relief for ya! It's hard nowadays! Great couple of weeks of running and I say go for the "race" could be good practice and you seem to have the right attitude about it!

    1. Thank you! I'm leaning toward doing's a pretty course, supposed to be well-run, and actually the same race director as my November trail half.

  3. Yeah!! Congrats, I am sure you are very happy and hoping you are celebrating with some good brews! Your running looks amazing - the numbers - you are going to kill your next run!

    1. Yes, some good beer! Though nothing I couldn't get in NJ: Victory Golden Monkey and Rogue Dead Guy :) I hope I keep improving for my next race!!

  4. Congrats on the job! That's awesome! So you are not working in a school? Will you still work at the running store?

    1. Thanks Alyssa! No schools for now... I will miss summers off :) I do hope I can still work at the running store, I really like being there! I'll have to wait and see what my new job schedule looks like once I settle into a routine. Hopefully at the very least I can still do some of their fun runs.


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