Monday, June 4, 2012

May Wrap-Up

Hey hey! Just popping in to say I’m still alive.

I worked, I volunteered, I had a job interview I’m impatiently awaiting the results of, I ran a bunch, I went to Chicago for my husband’s brother’s wedding.  And I just didn’t get around to blogging.

I won’t fully detail the last 14 days of running.  7 days of running is probably dry enough and 14 will make you fall asleep. Just briefly:
Week of the 21st: 28.71 miles of running + ~4 miles of hiking
Week of the 28th: 26.05 miles of running + 6.39 miles of hiking + a few miles of walking around Chicago

May miles run: 151.02. All time high!  Woop woop.

Somehow it slipped my mind that I would be back in Dunkin Donuts territory until walking through the Chicago airport.  Luckily, Kari reminded me it was free donut day.  We made sure to take advantage before checking in to our hotel.


What else is new? I briefly mentioned a little while ago that I won an entry to the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon (thanks to Pavement Runner and INKnBURN), but as of today, I’m officially registered. 


This is how I will be spending my morning on November 17th:


This race is going to be so much tougher than my previous two trail halfs (here and here)…

There’s also a Griffith Park Trail 10k the next day, or if you’re super tough, you can run both the half marathon and the 10k and get a special medal.  Considering the course elevation profile, I think I’ll stick with just the half.


  1. More importantly, I need to hear about the delicious Chicago food. Please tell me you had some deep dish pizza.

  2. I love how I tell you run a certain monthly mileage and you actually do it. You're my new favorite.


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