Monday, July 30, 2012

New 3 mile XC PR!

Last Thursday I ran the first race of my last year of my current age group; also the only group I’ve ever been in since I didn’t run any races before the age of 25.  As of last Monday, I’ve got one year left before advancing to the 30+ age bracket.

I ran the same cross country course I ran 2 weeks ago and managed to shave off about a minute, for an overall time of about 24:15.  They called out times at the first mile and I was on par with where I ran last week; I heard the guy calling 7:56-7:59 so I was somewhere in there.  For the second mile, I heard them call off 16:36-39 which was about a 20 second improvement over my last run.  That mile included what has been nicknamed “Killer Hill.”  For my last mile, according to my Garmin I ran a 7:30 mile.  I glanced at my watch only occasionally to check distance; I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor, and I ran by feel.

I can probably attribute some of that improvement to the temperature being about 15 degrees less than 2 weeks ago and the lower humidity, but I’ve also been kicking my own butt running up lots of hills.

Sorry, no race pictures.

Probably going to be a negligent blogger for another week or so as I’m headed back to upstate NY to visit family and friends… wish me luck in the land of humidity!


  1. That is an awesome improvement! Congrats on a great race and new PR.

  2. Ahhh congratulations!!! That's awesome happy for you. :) where in upstate is your family? I was just upstate this past weekend to see my fam. :)

    1. Thanks! You're from central NY, right? I'm headed back to Rochester and we'll be making a weekend stop in the Finger Lakes (Keuka).

    2. Originally Ballston spa (outside Saratoga)..went to school in Albany....lived in Geneva and Rochester in Rochester from 07-2011 and now NJ. My sister is in herkimer and my parents are not in scotia. :) Keuka lake is so nice! I miss Seneca lake so much...I used to run along it all the time. Have a great time!

  3. Super fast! Nice! Happy late birthday! How long are you going to be in NY for? I'm going up Sunday when (hopefully) my nephew will be here!

  4. I'd say congrats, but without any pictures I just can't muster the enthusiasm. :)

  5. On those cold winter nights, a cup of Gourmet coffee is exactly what we need!

  6. Happy Friday Amanda! Wanted to let you know I
    Nominated you for the beautiful blogger award..details r on my blog. Have a great day! :)


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