Sunday, July 1, 2012


1.  I am attempting to teach myself Spanish with Rosetta Stone and Duolingo (<—free!).  Not surprisingly, Spanish is more useful in this corner of the world than the German I spent 5 years learning in middle and high school.

For some reason this dog is hilarious to me.

somos tortugas
This saying will be really useful in my daily work.

Factually incorrect.

2.  The most recent addition to my employment status is “part-time running store employee.”


3. At some point in the last year, yellow Sour Patch Kids replaced red as my favorite flavor.


4. I take pleasure in finding strange classified ads.

100_7230   100_7224

100_7222   100_7225


  1. That's so great you are learning Spanish! I wish I had stuck with it after taking it for 4 years in beneficial to be bilingual! BTW I hear Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have Suri learning 4 languages...damn! Lol congrats on the PT job :) and I love sour patch kids..but does your mouth start to hurt after you've had too many?! Mine does, hehe.

    1. The whole words having genders and verb conjugation is tough. Same went for German though I guess. Learning 4 languages is crazy! My tongue definitely feels funny if I have too many sour patch kids.

  2. I need an African sword. I didn't even know that I did, but now I can't live without one.

  3. The fog machine seems like a better deal - I mean it comes with fog juice! Do you have anyone to practice your Spanish with? How do you like your running store job?

  4. Those classifieds made me giggle. But, seriously, don't those people know about Craigslist? Either way, I learned something... I figured Different Strokes was too old a TV show to wind up on DVD.


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