Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I got nothin’

I need some kind of “creative post title generator.”

Now that we are mid-way through this week, I’ll finally post about last week’s running (May 14-20th):

Monday: 4.26 mi Trail run.  Because of views like this:
…Probably won’t be so green in another month or two.

Tuesday AM: 4.8 miles half road/half trail with a massive 500’ climb over 1 mile
Tuesday PM: 6.08 miles at the Track including: 2x800m (3:51, 3:58), 3x600m (2:47, 2:51, 2:53), 4x400m (1:49, 1:49, 1:54, 1:51).

Thursday: 7 miles: After a mile warm up, alternated 1/2 mi fast (3:55-4:08) with 1/2 mile easy.

Saturday: 13.74 miles. Included a nice mile-long climb, the rest was flat/9:34 avg pace excluding the cool down (Same route as last week- :22/mi faster!)

Total Weekly Miles: 35.88 miles

This 5 runs/4 days a week thing seems to be working out ok for me.  I haven’t felt tired going into any of my runs. If I start to struggle with my pace at the track on Tuesday nights I guess I’ll cut back on the “fun run” that morning, but it hasn’t been an issue yet.

I did some pushups, light arm weights, and crunches in there, but I need to get in the habit of incorporating my bike for some cross training.  I miss spinning, but I don’t want to drop money on a gym membership right now.

After Saturday morning’s run, we headed toward the ocean for the afternoon.  We grabbed lunch and a beer in Ventura for Dan’s birthday then walked through the town and on the boardwalk. We saw dolphins from the end of the pier, too, which was pretty cool.
100_7793  100_7800 
100_7803  100_7818

I really enjoyed these mermaid merMAN ornaments hanging in a shop window. There were several rows of them including some that were Village People-influenced.

Mer MAN.

On our drive back, we picked up a ridiculous amount of perfectly ripe strawberries. We snacked on a bunch, but still need to figure out how to use them up before they go bad. I’m leaning toward freezing some.

Then  we came home and had red velvet birthday cake.
Number of candles represents years until 30
[Number of candles represents years until 30]

In other running news, if you are a smallish person like myself, who wears the Garmin HR monitor, I highly recommend finding the smaller strap on Amazon.

I remember looking for it when I first got my watch 3 years ago, but I was cheap and didn’t want to pay $10 + $7.95 shipping directly from Garmin, so I sucked it up and used the original heart rate monitor strap, just dealing with it being a little loose because I shoved it under the band of my sports bra.  Now it’s $8.50 and if you buy $16.50 of other stuff or have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping.

^Most excessive packaging ever.


Comparing the two straps at their smallest setting, the small strap is 5” shorter than the original strap. The small strap can be lengthened to up to an inch longer than the smallest size on the original strap.  Now that I have worn one that is comfortable! because it is the appropriate size, I can’t believe I dealt with the original one for 3 full years.

PS, Thanks for your comments on my last post.  I want to be sure I am respecting the distance before I commit to tackling it!


  1. strawberry pie- all the way!!!!

    1. Nice, it even involves a store-bought crust. Thank you - I'm making this!

  2. ON a scale of 1 to "OH MY DAMN NOOOOO", how afraid are you while running trails of stepping on a rattlesnake? I've always wondered that about people who run where they live. :)

    Oh, and I have a recipe for strawberry bread (like a pound cake) that's amazing if you're interested.

    1. Just because I like where the scale tops out, I'm going to say rattlesnakes are pretty close to "OH MY DAMN NOOOOO" - but denial is a beautiful thing. I should probably pick up a bite kit.

      Thanks for the bread recipe! :)

  3. I HATE thinking of titles too! I need that! And I need the smaller strap so bad, that thing drives me insane! It's currently safety - pinned but it still falls. the link doesn't work though!

    So you are running 11 ish miles on Tuesdays? You go girl! And that's a fast long run pace!

    1. I like your safety pin idea, that's better than my strategy of just shoving it under the bra band. The link might work now - thanks for letting me know.

      Yeah, this Tuesday was a little long, but I guess the last few weeks Tuesdays have been 9+. Thanks, that long run boosted my confidence about running a half closer to a low-9 pace!


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