Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taper Week

Saturday is my fast (hopefully) and flat half marathon along the ocean!

I don’t really know if I did an awesome job of tapering this week, but I did cut back on my mileage a little, ran more miles at an easier pace, I’ve been getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night, and I’m working on the hydrating, so that’s all good.

First, let’s go back to last week. Mostly so I can mention our hike and share some pictures.

On Monday the 4th I had a sweet tempo run.  Goal pace was 8:38 for 5 miles; I ran 5.34 miles at an average pace of 8:33 and didn’t feel like death at the end.

Tuesday was a 6 mile fun run from the running store, avg pace of 9:33.

Wednesday I squeezed in 2 easy miles in honor of National Running Day.

Thursday I got in some quick speed work, 3x1k in 4:45, 4:48, 4:48 (goal was 4:46) with a .15mi walk/jog recovery in between. Then 3 easy miles at the end with a friend.

Friday Dan and I did a 7.5 mile hike at our nearby favorite Placerita Canyon.  We started our usual way and took a new route down.  The views looked a little like this:

100_8068   100_8083

100_8087   100_8088

We followed the ridgeline all the way down. Unlike the trail we took up the mountain, our way down was pretty exposed and it got pretty hot later in the morning.

100_8092   100_8105

Super awesome self portrait and one of the many steep parts we came down:

100_8125   100_8126

We saw some wildlife:

100_8071   100_8102

I recovered from my shock after being the one to discover the rattlesnake just in time to snap a picture while it was slithering off the path.  And a horny toad: a pretty cute little lizard with a stumpy tail.

The elevation looked a little something like this:


Despite some good stretching, the downhill left my legs a little sore later that day and I thought it would be good to take Saturday off from running.  Also, the 2+ miles of rocky/sandy uphill/downhill made me realize I should get some shoes that are actually meant for hiking.  I’m thinking a good pair of trail running shoes will work for both hiking and the increased trail running I’ll be doing to prepare for November’s Griffith Park trail half.

10th/Sunday was my last “long” run. I ran the first 5-ish easy, then picked up the pace for the last 2 miles, running somewhere between tempo and race pace.

11th/Monday: easy 3 miles

12th/Tuesday:  easy 4ish miles in the morning; 6x400 at night (goal pace was 1:51, I ran them in 1:43-1:48).

13th/Wednesday: 25 minutes of yoga, hip opener.  Then some crunches, pushups, and a plank.

14th/Thursday: 3 miles at race pace: 8:51, 8:57, 9:04.

Friday I will rest.

Saturday morning is game time!

My primary goal is to break 2:00, and I would be thrilled with anything closer to a 1:57, for no real reason than that it would be more solidly sub-2.  My most recent 5k suggests a 1:56:39 HM, but I’ve only been running the corresponding training paces for 5 weeks, so I’m not sure how attainable that is.

HM Time Pace
1:59:57 9:09
1:59:05 9:05
1:57:59 9:00
1:56:54 8:55
1:55:48 8:50

While it has been hitting the 80s and 90s where I live this week, thanks to the race course being along the ocean and the marine layer, it should be cool and overcast Saturday morning in Ventura:



  1. Can't wait to hear about it! You are going to do great, and I think you are going to surprise yourself with all that training :)

  2. Beautiful scenery minus the snake! Sounds like you are running well--all the best with your half!

  3. That forecast could not be more perfect. I'll be stalking you on twitter on Saturday. Good luck, not that you need it! Did you ever hear about the job?

  4. Good luck on the race on Saturday!!

    It's not the coolest look, but hiking boots are so worth it if there are rocks. For trail running shoes, you could make it work if you added gaitors but otherwise you run the risk of getting a rock in your shoe and shredding your foot. Also the boots have sweet ankle support. I bust out mine anytime I'm not running :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, maybe I should keep my eyes open for some hiking boots on a site like The Clymb. We're considering a trip up to Yosemite or doing Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon later this year, so boots will be necessary for that. I'll have to get some longer shorts or those pants that zip off into shorts to complete the look :)

  5. Being a former Southlander, I'm VERY familiar with that stretch of coastline........what a WONDERFUL place to run!! Have a great time......and post a GREAT time! Can't wait to read all about it!

  6. Hello! I am a fellow SoCal blogger also running this race! How funny that I discovered your blog today! Good luck. Might say hello if I recognize you :)


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