Monday, April 23, 2012

Bison, Trash Plates, and a Jerb

I wanted to post a few times this past week and just didn’t get around to it.  Since the last time I posted, here’s what happened:

April 16-22

Monday:  Same old hilly 3 miler in my neighborhood.

Tuesday AM: Went to a Running Store’s “Fun Run” – it was just me and a store employee for 4 miles.

On my way home, I stopped at a park I have driven by several times.  Rumor has it the park has bison and I wanted to see them.  I saw some animals near the parking lot but had to walk uphill, following bison signs for half a mile to find the bison.
I didn’t see any bison right away, but there were some nice views of the surrounding area.
I started to head back down the hill when a friendly old man walking his dog told me the bison only come close when they are being fed earlier in the morning.  He pointed out the bison in the distance at the bottom of a hill.  He then proceeded to tell me I had nice legs, I awkwardly said thanks, and decided it was time to walk back to my car.

Tuesday PM
: Track night: 5.65 miles. Included 2x1200m, 2x800m, 2x400m. 
I hadn’t run 1200m in a while and couldn’t remember what a good pace for that distance was, so I ended up running the first one way too fast and as a result, the second one too slow.  The rest went ok.

Wednesday: 25 minute Yoga for Runners Podcast

Thursday: I was going to do a tempo run, but running club friend convinced me to meet her just before 5am. We ran 8.6 miles.  The loop we ran had rolling hills for the first 1/3, the second third was a slight downhill and, and the last 1/3 was a killer uphill.  Then we ran that 3 times.  I was able to keep running on the uphill though so I consider it a success.  Avg pace around 9:37.
Thursday night there was a little Western-themed live music event including several food trucks, one of which was called The Garbage Truck, so of course we went.

IMG-20120419-01158  IMG-20120419-01160
The sign reads: “Home of the West Coast Trash Plate: The best part of Rochester, NY right here in So Cal.”
What’s not to love about two cheeseburgers covered in hot sauce, onions, and mustard on top of home fries and mac salad?  Somehow I could polish off one of these on my own back in college.  But Thursday we made the wise decision to split one.  We even talked one of Dan’s coworkers into coming out and trying one.
Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 10 miles/avg pace of 9:43 including my cool down walking.

Total miles run this week: 31.68

Sunday: 3.6 mi hike with the dog at a park we hadn’t been to yet.  The trail we started on was a 5 mile loop but it is becoming clear Molly is getting older and can’t hike like she used to, so we turned around 1.8 miles in.  To her credit, the first half was practically straight up the mountain.

In other news, I was offered a part-time job on Friday.  While it’s not what I went to grad school for, the experience will still be very relevant to a future school psych job.  Other pros: I will have something else to get me out of the house for 10-15ish hours a week aside from running and grocery shopping AND I can stop feeling guilty about things like buying running clothes and Starbucks after group runs.

And on a final note, please tell me who actually buys this denim jumpsuit.  I can think of SO many better things to spend $90.  I will note that I am opposed to rompers, too, for anyone over the age of about 4.
denimjumpsuit   romper2
That is all.


  1. OMG can't believe they have fake Garbage plates out there! I would have freaked even though I never even ate them. That's awesome that you already have friends willing to run at 5am, it took me six years to find those people after moving to Baltimore. Congrats on the job!

  2. i can't believe you get to run and see views like that! lucky, lucky!!!

    that denim jumpsuit is hideous. denim should be confined to jeans only and jumpsuits and rompers for kids, like you said.

  3. Those views are amazing!! You are so lucky. I'm usually dodging cars and you are dodging cacti. Haha.

    Whoa that romper is WAY too much denim. Nobody should wear that much in one outfit. I'm not huge on rompers either.

  4. I would totally rock the shit out of that jump suit. I wonder if it comes in maternity?

    Great news on the part time job!


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