Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recap: HM5, Week 3 Training + Week 1 of FitAbs

5th Half Marathon, 3rd week of training.  Here was the plan:

10k?  or  
11 mi 
17 or 22 

Here's what happened:

Sooo Monday, 7/4 it was really humid and had POURED the previous day, and after driving 8 hours back from Cleveland, I didn't want to get up at 7am, so I didn't go run the 10k.  I didn't run my 11 mile long run either.  But I did meet my friend from work for an easy run (which allowed us to take our time walking around the muddy spots from the down pour). = 6.34 miles

Tuesday, 7/5: I did not bike.  But I did do my Tempo Run that day since I didn't kill my legs the day before.  It consisted an easy mile for a warm up, then 3 tempo miles at 9:36, 9:35, 9:28, with .25 mile recovery periods, then about 1.2 miles cool down.  My goal pace range had been 9:30-9:50, so: success!
= 5.99 miles.

Yes, 5.99.  My Garmin died during my cool down.  Had I known, I would have run an extra .01 mile to make it even.

Wednesday 7/6  Just an easy 1.9 mile easy run with the hubs.  So easy, my average HR was 146.  That's low for me.  Especially when it's 75 (which actually, is pretty cool given the recent temperatures).

Then I did arm stuff:
All of the following with 5 pounds in each hand.
3x12 Deadlift --> Upright Row
3x12 Lateral Raise
2x12 Tricep Kickbacks (both sides)
2x12 Tricep Overhead Extension
2x12 Bicep Curl
2x12 Shoulder Press
10 chest pushups on toes.  I forgot to do more on knees.

Thursday 7/7: I did my long run for the week, 11.11 miles in 2:07.

I didn't love running 4 days in a row (but I was not in pain from it either) but I prefer to sprinkle in some rest days.  However, we left town at 7am Friday morning and returned late Sunday night, so I did that to get all my runs in.

Total: Ran 25.34 miles.

Fit Abs Challenge - Week 1 Recap

July 1: 75 reg. crunches, 25 v-sit twists w/3# weight = 100 reps
July 2: 60 bicycle crunches, two 1-minute planks, 30 oblique crunches = 110 reps
July 4: 5 Brazil Butt lift sequences from Ashely's Vlog, 50 v-sit twists with 5# weight, 60 bicycle crunches = 160 reps
July 5: 50 Tucks from Ashley's Vlog, 1 min plank, 30 reg. crunches, 30 oblique crunches = 120 reps
July 6: 40 oblique crunches, 30 bicycle crunches, 20 reg. crunches, 10 tucks, 1-min plank, 2-30 sec side planks = 120 reps
July 7: 30 crunches, 20 tucks = 50 reps

Abs Total: 660 reps

In case you missed previous training recap posts: 


  1. Way to get in all your runs! and holy abs, you are going to be ripped :o)

  2. Your abs must be rock solid with all that. Please share some of your ab motivation with me. I think I need to check out this Vlog, just to find out what a Brazilian butt lift is. You have intrigued me.

  3. That looks like a killer ab workout! I also like that you ran 11.11 miles :)

  4. Donna & Alyssa - thanks! I'm sure they're under there somewhere. I should still refer to it as my "ab" as I do not see multiple abs :) I'd probably have to cut out things like beer and chocolate to see them though, and I'm not sure I'm willing to do that. Maybe if I keep this level up for another month after the challenge ends though...

    It definitely helps to break the ab work down into smaller chunks (i.e. 100 reps a day) instead of knowing you have one or two big ab/core day. I try to mix up the type of crunches to not get too bored.

    Kara- 11.11 is much better number than, say 4.99 :)


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