Sunday, June 19, 2011

Easy Mid Week Meal + Recent Runs

Easy Mid-Week Dinner
(Especially when it's 98 out - like last week - and you don't really want to run the oven for an hour)

Enter: Foot Network Magazine Mix and Match Pasta Salad
I wish the online version was a pretty as the feature in the magazine.

The only extra heat this involved was the stove top for the 10 minutes I cooked the pasta.

I used stuff I had on hand...a can of tuna, some broccoli, some cannelloni beans, celery, and a very small amount of red onion.  I made the creamy Parmesan sauce which involved light sour cream, mayonnaise (a new kind made with canola oil), and Parmesan cheese we had on hand.

Runs and Stuff since my last post (The Dragon Boat Race)

Monday 6/6: 20 squats, 10 lunges on each side, 30 second wall sit
Tuesday 6/7: 2 mile easy* run
Wednesday 6/8: 25 reg crunches, 50 crunches reaching to opposite side
Thursday 6/9: 3.93 miles, mostly easy with some random faster bursts (this is why I need to actually sit down and make a new training plan)
Friday 6/10: 3.58  miles, progressively faster starting at 11:42 pace --> 10:06 pace.
Sunday 6/12: 5.57 easyish* miles

=15.08 miles

Tuesday 6/14: 5.31 miles (1 mi warm, 1 mi@9:20/.5 mi easy; 1 mi@9:05/.5 mi easy, 1.3 cool)
Wednesday 6/15: 150 crunches, 50 bicycle crunches, 2 x 1 min. plank on forearms + 2.3 mi dog walk
Thursday 6/16: 2.2 easy* miles
Saturday 6/18: 6.8 miles w/work friend! Ranged from 10:30-11:30 pace, talked the whole time + 3.25 mile hike/walk with husband and pup (in the park where I ran my April half marathon)

We explored some of the horse trails with our horse-dog
Then she got to cool off in the Neshaminy Creek

*easy runs are being run with a focus on keeping my heart rate under 160, because I'd like to work on lowering my heart rate more.  So I should probably focus on keeping my easy runs easy,  and try not to get excited that I'm able to comfortably run my easy runs at a faster pace, like I did this spring.

This week
=14.31 mi (+ another short 2-3? easy Sunday run)

=5.55 mi hiked/walked

I'm REALLY going to plan out my next training plan today/early this week.  Seriously.


  1. I used that mix + match pasta salad recipe last night, it was amazing! shells + grilled chicken + raoasted asparagus and pepper and cherry tomatoes with the creamy herb dressing! Sooooo good!

  2. Your creation sounds good! I'll be saving that page for when I lack creativity for dinner ideas this summer.


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