Sunday, July 28, 2013


or “How I turned 30.”

My last run as a 29 year old involved waking up at 4:35am on Monday to run 6 miles with some running group people.

  2013-07-22 06.27.03

When I got home I realized what my note to Dan (written in the dark, on paper that had apparently already been used) looked like.

2013-07-22 07.49.33

While my dream birthday would involve running-- and preferably trail running-- my actual birthday, last Tuesday, involved working, and starting early.  I treated myself to a lunch time birthday cupcake.  No coffee buttercream frosting, but this one was some kind of mocha/caramel combo.

2013-07-23 13.16.51

I worked some more. I took a break for a 35-minute late afternoon bike ride in the sweltering heat and high winds, showered, then worked for a couple more hours.

This arrived on my doorstep

2013-07-23 17.53.25

We ordered Thai take-out and thanks to Dan’s handy-work, the contents of that big box later became this:

2013-07-26 08.59.27
Looking forward to riding a bike that weighs less than half my current hybrid bike and will allow me to keep up with Dan on his road bike!

Then I called it a night and set my alarm to meet different running friends to run 5ish miles at 5ish the next morning.

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