Monday, July 8, 2013

New 10k PR

Let’s start with July 4th.  I ran a 10k.  I wanted to run a race because it’s been a while (March?) but was also dreading it for a number of reasons:

  1. It has been ridiculously hot. Triple digits and humidity. It’s not supposed to be humid here.
  2. I have felt sluggish during my speed work and tempo runs.
    • Possibly worth noting that these runs have not been on flat ground.
  3. The 10k race course runs on the bike path where my running group has been doing speed work while the track is rebuilt.
    • Speed work is extra unpleasant at 6pm when the temperature is still in the 90s.
    • Therefore this part of the bike path is now always unpleasant.
  4. I only want to run a race if I’m going to try for a PR. Or run on trails.
    • Last year I ran a 53:27
    • Last year’s 8:36 pace didn’t sound so easy to beat when tempo runs have felt slow.
    • I am sure I will have to adjust this race mentality as I get older and slower.

I surprised myself and ran a 52:03, which was an 8:23 average pace.  Miraculously, 1st in my age group out of 8.  Not sure where the other 15 people from my age group at last year’s race disappeared to.  30th female out 115 and 91st overall of 238.  If this race occurred one month later when I’ll be 30… I would not have placed in my age group. Women 30-34 are FAST around here.

The course wasn’t exactly flat. That gradual uphill in the second half is very noticeable especially as the sun is starting to feel hotter on you on this fully exposed course.

10k elev

Which must explain my paces…  8:19-8:20 pace for the Down Half. I don’t think I have ever run this consistently over a 3 mile distance.  And then I did it again. 8:38-8:39 for the Up Half. 

10k splits

I looked at my watch when it beeped every mile but otherwise tried to just zone out and run, paying attention to effort level until I hit 6 miles and could see the finish line, then it was go-time.  I brought music, which I don’t normally do.  But I remembered being annoyed by the slapping of a nearby runner’s Teva sandals last year and didn’t think I could handle that again.

946857_10151452091071651_761264688_n     1012314_10151452091236651_1278496363_n   1002253_725125261703_168247201_n

I wasn’t the only one decked out in red, white and blue:


Week of June 24:
Monday: 5.35 mi tempo run on rolling hills, avg pace 8:33. With cool down: 6.06 miles.

Tuesday: Arrived late to 3x 1 Mile repeats. So I got in .75 mi at a 7:40 pace, then a mile at 8:03 and a mile in 7:48. 2-3 minutes in between. Total: 4.74 miles.

: 7.06 mi bike ride, avg 14.2 mph.

Friday: 1.94 mile “easy” run, +283’.

Saturday: 10.13 miles, avg pace 9:21, +395’.

Sunday: Rest. Retreated to the ocean where, at 85 degrees, it was 25 degrees cooler than home.

Week of July 1:
Monday AM: 4.25 mi at 8:47 avg pace on rolling hills. With cool down: 5.13 miles total. (+915’!?)
Monday PM: 2.05 flat, easy miles with Dan.

Thursday: 10k in 52:03.

Saturday: I ran down the hill to get donuts then brought them back home. Seriously. 1.58 miles and +321’.

Sunday: 10.02 miles, avg pace 9:34. + ~500’.



  2. Great job on the PR! I am impressed, I sucked wind in the heat at my 4th of July 10K. Way to go!

  3. nice job on the PR! i had to laugh though at "older and slower". women peak at running in their 30s so you have many more PRs to look forward to!

    1. Thank you! And hey, I didn't specify *when* I would become slower :)

  4. Way to go girl! You killed it, that incline looks unpleasant. You are also invited to follow my christian blog...haha, wait, what? lol oh spammy internet people!

    1. Thanks! I thought I'd leave that up for entertainment value. I DON'T KNOW WHY HE HAD TO YELL THOUGH! :)


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